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Humanities and Languages

Ancient and Medieval History Bachelor
Chinese and Japenese Bachelor
Chinese Language and Literature Bachelor
Chinese Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op
Classical Languages Bachelor; Honours
Classical Languages Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Classical Studies Bachelor; Honours
Classical Studies Bachelor
Classical Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Classical Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Classics Bachelor
Comparative Literature Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Comparative Literature Bachelor; Co-op
Comparative Literature Bachelor
Comparative Literature Bachelor; Honours
Creative Writing Bachelor; Honours
Creative Writing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Drama Bachelor
Drama Bachelor; Co-op
English Bachelor; Honours
English Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
English Bachelor; Co-op
English Bachelor
Français-langue Bachelor
Français-littérature Bachelor
Français-littérature et langue Bachelor; Honours
French and Italian Bachelor
French and Spanish Bachelor
French Language and Literature Bachelor
French Language and Literature Bachelor; Honours
French Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
French Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op
German and Scandinavian Bachelor
German Language and Literature Bachelor
German Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
German Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op
German Language and Literature Bachelor; Honours
Histoire Bachelor
History Bachelor
History Bachelor; Co-op
History Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
History and Classics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
History and Classics Bachelor; Honours
Italian Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Italian Bachelor; Honours
Italian and Spanish Bachelor
Japanese Language and Literature Bachelor
Japanese Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op
Japanese Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor
Linguistics Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Linguistics Bachelor; Co-op
Linguistics (Français) Bachelor
Native Studies and Secondary Education - Cree Major Bachelor
Native Studies and Secondary Education - Native Studies Major Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Co-op
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor
Polish and Russian Bachelor
Polish and Ukranian Bachelor
Religious Studies Bachelor
Religious Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Religious Studies - Eastern and Native American Religious Traditions Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Religious Studies - Eastern and Native American Religious Traditions Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies - Thematic Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Religious Studies - Thematic Studies Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies - Western Religious Traditions Bachelor; Honours
Religious Studies - Western Religious Traditions Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Romance Languages Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Romance Languages Bachelor; Honours
Russian Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op
Russian Language and Literature Bachelor; Honours
Russian Language and Literature Bachelor
Russian Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Scandinavian Language and Literature Bachelor
Scandinavian Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op
Second Language Post-diploma
Secondary Education - Second Languages Cree Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Italian Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Japanese Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Ukranian Bachelor
Spanish and Latin American Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Spanish Language and Literature Bachelor
Spanish Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op
Translation Studies in Chinese or Japanese Certificate
Ukrainian Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op
Ukrainian Language and Literature Bachelor; Honours
Ukrainian Language and Literature Bachelor
Ukrainian Language and Literature Bachelor; Co-op; Honours

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Animal Biology Bachelor
Animal Biology Bachelor; Honours
Animal Biology Bachelor; Co-op
Animal Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Astrophysics Bachelor; Honours
Astrophysics Bachelor
Astrophysics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Astrophysics Bachelor; Co-op
Atmospheric Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Atmospheric Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Atmospheric Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Atmospheric Sciences Bachelor
Biochemistry Bachelor
Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biological Sciences Bachelor
Biological Sciences - Bioinformatics Bachelor; Honours
Biological Sciences - Bioinformatics Bachelor
Biological Sciences - Bioinformatics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biological Sciences - Bioinformatics Bachelor; Co-op
Biological Sciences - Microbiology Bachelor; Co-op
Biological Sciences - Microbiology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biological Sciences - Microbiology Bachelor; Honours
Biological Sciences - Microbiology Bachelor
Biologie Bachelor
Cell Biology Bachelor
Cell Biology Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op
Chemistry Bachelor
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chimie Bachelor
Computing Science - Bioinformatics Bachelor; Honours
Computing Science - Bioinformatics Bachelor
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Bachelor
Ecology Bachelor; Honours
Ecology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Ecology Bachelor; Co-op
Ecology Bachelor
Education/Sciences biologiques Bachelor
Education/Sciences physiques Bachelor
Environmental Earth Sciences Bachelor
Environmental Earth Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Earth Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Earth Sciences Bachelor; Co-op
Evolutionary Biology Bachelor; Co-op
Evolutionary Biology Bachelor
Evolutionary Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Evolutionary Biology Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geology Bachelor; Honours
Geology Bachelor
Geology Bachelor; Co-op
Geophysics Bachelor
Geophysics Bachelor; Honours
Geophysics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geophysics Bachelor; Co-op
Human Ecology/Secondary Education Bachelor
Immunology and Infection Bachelor; Honours
Immunology and Infection Bachelor
Mathematical Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematical Physics Bachelor; Honours
Molecular Genetics Bachelor; Honours
Molecular Genetics Bachelor; Co-op
Molecular Genetics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Molecular Genetics Bachelor
Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Paleontology Bachelor; Co-op
Paleontology Bachelor; Honours
Paleontology Bachelor
Paleontology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor; Co-op
Pharmacology Bachelor
Pharmacology Bachelor; Honours
Physical Sciences Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Co-op
Physics Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Physiology and Developmental Biology Bachelor
Physiology and Developmental Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physiology and Developmental Biology Bachelor; Honours
Physiology and Developmental Biology Bachelor; Co-op
Physique Bachelor
Plant Biology Bachelor
Plant Biology Bachelor; Co-op
Plant Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Plant Biology Bachelor; Honours
Sciences biologique Bachelor
Sciences physiques Bachelor

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Économie et droit des affaires Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Études européennes Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Études latino-americaines Bachelor
Anthropology Bachelor
Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor; Co-op
Anthropology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Business Economics and Law - After Degree Bachelor
Business Economics and Law - Bilingual Bachelor
Chinese Studies Bachelor; Honours
Chinese Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture Bachelor
Community Service-Learning Certificate
Criminology Bachelor
Design - Social Sciences Route Bachelor
East Asian Studies Bachelor
East Asian Studies Bachelor; Co-op
East Asian Studies (Business) Bachelor; Co-op
East Asian Studies (Business) Bachelor
Economics Bachelor
Economics Bachelor; Co-op
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Économie Bachelor
Environmental Economics and Policy Bachelor
Environmental Economics and Policy (Bilingual) Bachelor
Études canadiennes Bachelor
Études canadiennes Bachelor; Honours
European Studies (Business) Bachelor
European Studies (Business) Bachelor; Co-op
European Studies (Business) - Bilingual Bachelor
Family Ecology Bachelor
German Studies Bachelor
German Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Globalization and Governance Certificate
Human Dimensions of Environmental Management (BSc/BA in Native Studies) Bachelor
Human Geography Bachelor
Human Geography Bachelor; Co-op
Italian Studies Bachelor
Italian Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Japanese Studies Bachelor; Honours
Latin American Studies Bachelor
Latin American Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Latin American Studies (Business) Bachelor; Co-op
Latin American Studies (Business) Bachelor
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor
Native Studies Bachelor
Native Studies Bachelor; Honours
Nutrition and Food Science Bachelor
Nutrition and Food Science - Nutrition Bachelor
Peace and Post-Conflict Studies Certificate
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Psychologie (B.A.) Bachelor
Psychologie Sciences Bachelor
Psychology (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology (B.A.) Bachelor
Psychology (B.Sc.) Bachelor
Psychology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op
Psychology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Science politique Bachelor
Science, Technology and Society Bachelor; Co-op
Science, Technology and Society Bachelor
Sciences socio-politiques Bachelor; Honours
Sociologie Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op
Spanish and Latin American Studies Bachelor; Honours
Spanish and Latin American Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Ukranian Folklore Bachelor
Ukranian Folklore Bachelor; Co-op
Women's Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Women's Studies Bachelor; Honours
Women's Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Women's Studies Bachelor

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Accounting Bachelor; Co-op
Accounting Bachelor
Accounting Bachelor; Honours
Accounting - After Degree Bachelor
Accounting - Bilingual Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Affaires internationales Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Comptabilite Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Entrepreneuriat et entreprise familiale Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Études d'administration des affaires Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Études européennes Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Études latino-americaines Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Finances Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Gestion des operations Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Gestion des ressources humaines Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Gestion stratégique et organisation Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Ressources naturelles, énergie et environnement Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Systemes integres de gestion Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Vente Bachelor
Administration des affaires (bilingue) - Vente au detail et services Bachelor
Business Economics and Law Bachelor
Business Economics and Law Bachelor; Co-op
Business Economics and Law - After Degree Bachelor
Business Economics and Law - Bilingual Bachelor
Business Studies Bachelor; Co-op
Business Studies Bachelor
Business Studies - After Degree Bachelor
Business Studies - Bilingual Bachelor
Design - Business Marketing Route Bachelor
East Asian Studies (Business) Bachelor; Co-op
East Asian Studies (Business) Bachelor
Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise Bachelor; Co-op
Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise Bachelor
Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise - After Degree Bachelor
Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise - Bilingual Bachelor
European Studies (Business) Bachelor
European Studies (Business) Bachelor; Co-op
European Studies (Business) - Bilingual Bachelor
Finance Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Finance Bachelor; Honours
Finance Bachelor
Finance Bachelor; Co-op
Finance - After Degree Bachelor
Finance - Bilingual Bachelor
Human Resource Management Bachelor; Co-op
Human Resource Management Bachelor
Human Resource Management - After Degree Bachelor
Human Resource Management - Bilingual Bachelor
International Business Bachelor; Co-op
International Business Bachelor
International Business - After Degree Bachelor
International Business - Bilingual Bachelor
Latin American Studies (Business) Bachelor; Co-op
Latin American Studies (Business) Bachelor
Management Information Systems Bachelor; Co-op
Management Information Systems Bachelor
Management Information Systems - After Degree Bachelor
Management Information Systems - Bilingual Bachelor
Management Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Management Science Bachelor; Honours
Marketing Bachelor; Co-op
Marketing Bachelor
Marketing - After Degree Bachelor
Marketing - Bilingual Bachelor
Mathematics and Finance Bachelor
Mathematics and Finance Bachelor; Co-op
Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment Bachelor; Co-op
Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment Bachelor
Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment - After Degree Bachelor
Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment - Bilingual Bachelor
Operations Management Bachelor
Operations Management Bachelor; Co-op
Operations Management - After Degree Bachelor
Operations Management - Bilingual Bachelor
Retailing and Services Bachelor; Co-op
Retailing and Services Bachelor
Retailing and Services - After Degree Bachelor
Retailing and Services - Bilingual Bachelor
Strategic Management and Organization Bachelor
Strategic Management and Organization Bachelor; Co-op
Strategic Management and Organization - After Degree Bachelor
Strategic Management and Organization - Bilingual Bachelor


Aboriginal Teacher Education Program Bachelor
Aboriginal Teacher Education Program - After Degree Bachelor
Bachelor of Education - Drama Bachelor
Early Childhood Diploma Post-diploma
Éducation à l’élémentaire Bachelor
Éducation après diplôme (Faculté Saint-Jean) Bachelor
Éducation secondaire - Études sociales Bachelor
Éducation secondaire - Langue seconde-français Bachelor
Éducation secondaire - Mathématique Bachelor
Éducation secondaire - Musique Bachelor
Éducation secondaire - Sciences générales Bachelor
Education/Sciences biologiques Bachelor
Education/Sciences mathématiques Bachelor
Education/Sciences physiques Bachelor
Elementary Education Bachelor
Elementary Education (After Degree) Bachelor
Human Ecology/Secondary Education Bachelor
Language and Literacy Post-diploma
Music and Education - Elementary Bachelor
Music and Education - Secondary Bachelor
Music Education Post-diploma
Native Studies and Elementary Education Bachelor
Native Studies and Secondary Education - Cree Major Bachelor
Native Studies and Secondary Education - Native Studies Major Bachelor
Physical Education Bachelor
Physical Education - Adapted Physical Activity Bachelor
Physical Education - Physical Activity and Sport Performance Bachelor
Physical Education and Elementary Education Bachelor
Physical Education and Secondary Education Bachelor
Secondary Education Post-diploma
Secondary Education (After Degree) Bachelor
Secondary Education - Art Bachelor
Secondary Education - Biological Sciences Bachelor
Secondary Education - Chemistry Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Business, Administration, Finance Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Communication Arts Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Computer Science Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Design Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Health Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Human Sciences Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Media Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Natural Resources Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Recreation Bachelor
Secondary Education - CTS: Trades, Manufacturing and Transportation Bachelor
Secondary Education - Drama Bachelor
Secondary Education - English Language Arts Bachelor
Secondary Education - General Science Bachelor
Secondary Education - Mathematics Bachelor
Secondary Education - Music Bachelor
Secondary Education - Physical Education Bachelor
Secondary Education - Physical Sciences Bachelor
Secondary Education - Physics Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Cree Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages French Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages German Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Italian Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Japanese Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Other Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Spanish Bachelor
Secondary Education - Second Languages Ukranian Bachelor
Secondary Education - Social Studies Bachelor
Teaching English as a Second Language Post-diploma

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Chemical Engineering Bachelor
Chemical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Engineering - Biomedical Bachelor
Chemical Engineering - Biomedical Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Engineering - Computer Process Control Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Engineering - Computer Process Control Bachelor
Chemical Engineering - Oil Sands Bachelor; Co-op
Chemical Engineering - Oil Sands Bachelor
Civil Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Civil Engineering Bachelor
Civil Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Bachelor
Civil Engineering - Environmental Engineering Bachelor
Civil Engineering - Environmental Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Engineering Bachelor
Computer Engineering - Nanoscale System Design Bachelor
Computer Engineering - Nanoscale System Design Bachelor; Co-op
Computer Engineering - Software Bachelor; Co-op
Design - Engineering Route Bachelor
Electrical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Electrical Engineering Bachelor
Electrical Engineering - Biomedical Bachelor
Electrical Engineering - Nanoengineering Bachelor; Co-op
Electrical Engineering - Nanoengineering Bachelor
Engineering Physics Bachelor
Engineering Physics - Nanoengineering Bachelor
Materials Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Materials Engineering Bachelor
Materials Engineering - Biomedical Bachelor; Co-op
Materials Engineering - Biomedical Bachelor
Materials Engineering - Nano and Functional Materials Bachelor
Materials Engineering - Nano and Functional Materials Bachelor; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor
Mechanical Engineering - Biomedical Bachelor; Co-op
Mining Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Mining Engineering Bachelor
Petroleum Engineering Bachelor
Petroleum Engineering Bachelor; Co-op
Planning Bachelor
Planning Bachelor; Co-op

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Applied Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Applied Mathematics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computing Science Bachelor; Honours
Computing Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computing Science Bachelor; Co-op
Computing Science Bachelor
Computing Science - Bioinformatics Bachelor; Honours
Computing Science - Bioinformatics Bachelor
Computing Science - Software Practice Bachelor
Design - Computing Science Route Bachelor
Education/Sciences mathématiques Bachelor
Mathematics (B.A.) Bachelor
Mathematics (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics (B.A.) Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics - Computational Science Bachelor
Mathematics - Computational Science Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics and Finance Bachelor; Co-op
Mathematics and Finance Bachelor
Mathématique Bachelor
Sciences mathématiques Bachelor
Statistics Bachelor; Honours
Statistics Bachelor; Co-op
Statistics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Statistics Bachelor

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness


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