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A New Way to Learn: Police and Public Safety Foundations and Virtual Reality
Students in the Police and Public Safety Foundations program can look forward to using virtual reality to simulate real scenarios they could see in the field.
New TekX Program Introduces High School Students to Postsecondary Education
High school students now have the opportunity to earn postsecondary credits, gain hands-on learning experiences, and get an introduction to the tech sector.
Olds College of Agriculture and Technology is #4 in Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges
Olds College of Agriculture & Technology has been ranked fourth in Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges 2023!
Incorporating Generative AI as Problem-Solving Tools at Trent
Through a new second-year Geography course, e-learning designer Christian Metaxas and Dr. Heather Nicol encourage applying a critical lens to technology use.
Exploring Virtual Reality in Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba
New technology provides space for collaboration and situational learning.
How to Apply to Ontario Universities Through OUAC
The deadline for Canadian students to apply for universities in Ontario is January 15!
How to Become a Cybersecurity Analyst in Canada
Protecting digital data is more important now than ever. You can help by becoming a cybersecurity expert!
Earning a Master of Science (MSc) in Media, Art, and Design at UCalgary
Get a grad degree at the nexus where art meets science with UCalgary's unique Computational Media Design program!
New Course to Create Industry-Ready Live Events Professionals
The University of South Wales partners with a Cardiff company to ensure students hit the ground running in their careers.
How to Become an HVAC Technician or Mechanic in Canada
Heat up your career prospects, while staying cool under pressure, as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning expert.
Earn Your Bachelor of Digital Agriculture at Olds College
Combine ancient farming knowledge with modern technology and techniques to get your career growing.
3 Apps to Supercharge Your Study Sessions
Flash cards, learning a language, staying focused: these apps can help you in your student career, and beyond.
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