Discover: Paying for School

This section is here to help you break down complicated money matters, understand tricky lingo and inform you on how to find the best scholarships and financial awards to meet your needs.
How to Prepare for Scholarships in Grades 10 and 11
Scholarship applications require a lot of forethinking. Learn more about how to prepare for them.
Paying for School Doesn
Thousands of dollars in scholarships and bursaries are often just a few clicks away.
Creative Ways to Save Up Money for University
How to make some dough before you go!
Discover Scholarships at Lakehead University
Lakehead's scholarship and bursary program is #1 in Ontario with $11 million available.
How to Budget as a College or University Student
8 easy ways to give your wallet a well-deserved rest.
Your Guide to Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries
Discover the financial support offered by York University!
Scholarships for Black Students
Are you a Black student looking for help funding your education? Check out these awards!
Spark Power
Students interested in the trades, construction, and engineering should apply now. The scholarships even include job opportunities!
Scholarships for Indigenous Students
Are you an Indigenous student looking for help funding your education? Check out these awards!
Student Lines of Credit from 5 Major Canadian Banks
Everything you need to know about student lines of credit from the 5 major Canadian banks and how they compare to each other.
Explore Your Future in the Trades or Applied Technology Fields
Check out these five reasons to consider a career in the trades.
Quebec Adapts Scholarship Program to Encourage Women in STEM
Women in Quebec STEM programs can receive up to $12K in scholarship money.
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