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This section is here to help you break down complicated money matters, understand tricky lingo and inform you on how to find the best scholarships and financial awards to meet your needs.
Generous scholarships at Bangor University, Wales, UK!
Academic Scholarships worth over £1 Million are available for new and returning students.
Scholarships are Possible: Conquer your Scholarship Fears
At first, scholarships can be intimidating and may seem out of reach. Below...
2018 Essay Contest Winners - Credit Canada
“What was the dumbest thing you ever did with your money?”
Searching for Scholarships? Don’t Make These Two Common Mistakes
There are two common mistakes that prevent many qualified students from finding, and winning, scholarships.
AC Tuition Contest: You Can’t Win if You Don’t Try
How does up to $5,000 towards your tuition sound? Make your dreams come true with the Algonquin College Tuition Contest.
How Do I Pay for University?
Tips for Lightening your Financial Load as a VIU Student
Think Outside the Box When it Comes to Scholarships
On ScholarshipsCanada, 86% of scholarships offered do not require an academic average!
The Explore and Odyssey Program - Affordable Travel
The key to affordable travel is to know where to find the best deals and opportunities to keep costs down.
Six Reasons Why Scholarships Might Not Be As Competitive As You Think
Some students don’t even apply for scholarships because they think they it’s too competitive and they won’t win...
You Must Follow Directions to Win Scholarships
You don’t want to put in a lot of work on an application, and then be disqualified for some silly oversight!
How to Read a Scholarship Application: Why you should read the fine print
Some scholarship applications provide valuable guides and, if you’re not reading the fine print, you’ll miss it.
Introducing Job Opportunities!
We have partnered with ZipRecruiter, a leading job listing site, to bring you Job Opportunities on SchoolFinder.
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