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This section is here to help you break down complicated money matters, understand tricky lingo and inform you on how to find the best scholarships and financial awards to meet your needs.
Five Smart Money Tips For Living Off Campus
Here are some tips to help you keep yourself in great financial shape.
4 Steps to Secure a Summer Job
It’s never too early to start planning for the future
A penny pincher’s guide to personal finance
Top tips to help you cut back on spending in the last six weeks of school.
Funding Your Future
Take Charge of Your Finances
Tips for Saving and Paying for College
It’s no secret that the life of a college student can be expensive, but the cost shouldn’t be a barrier to you getting your post-secondary education.
IDRC Research Awards in International Development
One-year award for field research and experience in international research management
Finding Scholarships for Post-Secondary in Art and Design
Learn about some methods and opportunities around navigating scholarships towards art and design post-secondary institutions.
Scholarship Application Checklist
These are points that you want to keep in mind as you navigate the scholars...
A Budget That Works for YOU
It’s exciting to think about university life –the friendships you’ll form, ...
Financing Futures Through Scholarships
Three University of Regina Circle of Scholars talk about the impact of earning their award
Get That Money!
Three tips for scholarship success
Over 92% of Redeemer students don’t pay full tuition.
Think a four-year degree is out of reach financially? Think again.
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