Discover: Paying for School

This section is here to help you break down complicated money matters, understand tricky lingo and inform you on how to find the best scholarships and financial awards to meet your needs.
Make sure you've got the facts so you don't leave cash unclaimed.
Access Over 700 Scholarships with Just One Application
Mount Royal University makes it easy to apply for awards online.
Need Help with Tuition?
Booth UC has lots of financial aid available to take the sting out of tuition fees.
5 Steps to Save Money at School
From meal prep to student discounts, do everything you can to maximize your money.
Small Scholarships, Big Rewards
Less competition and other good reasons to apply for smaller awards.
Redeemer Reduces Tuition by 42% For You!
By cutting tuition, Redeemer has put a Christian university education within reach for Canadians.
Scholarship Applications: Ontario Tech
Applying for awards is well worth your time! Education is an investment in your future.
7 Keywords to Include When Applying for Scholarships
Popular terms you'll want to explore when applying for awards.
What Does "Financial Need" Mean for Scholarships?
How do you know if you qualify?
Scholarships Pay Off!
Researching and applying for awards takes time, but the payoff's worth it.
Scholarships: How do I Know if it
Big awards, little awards, how can you get the most out of your time?
Six Reasons Why Scholarships Might Not Be As Competitive As You Think
Some students don’t even apply for scholarships because they think they it’s too competitive and they won’t win...
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