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Incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing and learning is important as part of the road to reconciliation.
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Managing Procrastination, Starting... Now
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Maddy Price is a Canadian Olympian and professional relay sprinter. Off the track, she shares her inspiring story.
Preparing for Post-Secondary Education While in High School
Back-to-school means learning today, and preparing for the next chapter!
No High School Diploma? Consider Confederation College
Want to pursue college, but don't have your secondary school diploma? Confederation College's MSA can help.
Study Space Secrets: How I Built My Study-at-Home Setup
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Prepping for Post-Secondary While You
High school's the best possible time to set yourself up for success in university or college!
Discover what exciting activities and areas you can explore while at Algoma University.
3 Benefits of Christian Higher Education
Bringing your faith and your academics together can be a rewarding experience.
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