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Make the World Your Classroom
You have lots to gain from attending a Study Abroad Virtual Fair!
Application Day in Ontario is Friday, January 15!
The deadline to apply for Ontario universities is coming fast! Are you ready?
5 Strategies for Coping with Stress
Tired of anxiety and burnout? These 5 tips will help you calm down and de-stress.
Planning and Goal Setting for 2021
Suggestions for new ambitions after the rough year that was 2020.
The University Application Process Explained
What you can expect when applying for admission to an Ontario university.
Application Season: Deadline Guide for Schools Across Canada
If you're starting school in Fall 2021, now's the time to start thinking about your applications.
Building Better Virtual Study Habits
Two VIU students walk you through some advice that's helped them study online, and bad habits to avoid.
2021 Maclean
Maclean's released their rankings for Canada's best primarily undergraduate schools for 2021.
Finding Your Best Fit
Choosing the right school means knowing yourself and what you want from your experience.
9 Tips for Job Hunting During Covid-19
Get working during the pandemic with this job search advice.
5 Perks of Online Learning
There's plenty to like about studying online for your first year!
Looking for Flexibility? Choose a Bachelor of Arts
Learn about the subjects, skills, and opportunities offered through an Arts degree.
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