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We’re here to help you as much as we can, and that’s why we’ve created helpful advice! This section is dedicated to giving you the best tips we can find.
Your Mental Health Matters
How to help manage your mental health during a stressful semester.
Updated: How to Make Your Own WHO-Approved Hand Sanitizer
The WHO has released a comprehensive guide to creating your own homemade hand sanitizer.
Shopping Online for the Right Education
Making the most of online resources to find the right university.
How to Write a Personal Statement for Admission to Your First-Choice Program
Grades aren't everything to registrars. Effectively telling your story is just as important.
The Answers You Need About Online Learning in Post-Secondary
Worried about starting college during a pandemic? Here's what you need to know about online learning.
Hunting for the Right School: Tips for Online Info Sessions
Advice on getting the most out of online university events so you can make the right choices for your education.
Keeping Your Cool During a Second Wave
The second wave of the coronavirus is here. How can you prevent the spread and protect yourself?
3 Online Presentations to Attend This Fall
Learn how to compare universities, how to apply, and how to get the career you want.
Top Tips from Students for Choosing a University
University students offer suggestions for finding the program that's right for you.
The COVID Gap Year Success Path
So it's your first September in years not being a full-time student. How's that going?
Parents: How to Help Your Student Focus When Learning Online
Focus is a muscle that can be trained, developed — and exhausted.
How to tell your authentic story when on the job hunt.
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