Discover: Going Abroad

Want to study in a new country? Learn a new language? Explore a new city? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we dive into the world of studying abroad and its amazing opportunities!
Study at Our Campus, See the World
Hundreds of Student Exchange opportunities available
Do You Dream of Going Abroad?
Learn some of the ways you can have global experiences while studying at university.
Admissions and Getting Here – Made Easy!
TIP: The admissions process can differ between universities, so check the requirements and deadlines for each!
Creativity is Key at IE University
Just a 10-minute walk from the Segovia campus of IE University in Spain...
Gap Years: Why Delaying School Makes Sense
Taking time to pause, gain life-experience and make better decisions benefits all students
Want to Travel While Earning University Credits?
The academic, career, and personal benefits of study abroad programs
New Year, New Me: The Study Abroad Edition
How Studying Abroad Will Help You Achieve Your Career Goals in 2019
The Explore and Odyssey Program - Affordable Travel
The key to affordable travel is to know where to find the best deals and opportunities to keep costs down.
The Benefits of Studying Higher Education in the UK
The UK is considered the second most popular destination for Higher Education in the world!
5 Top Tips for Making an Application to a School in the United Kingdom
Follow these top tips when navigating the UK application system!
Satisfy Your Wanderlust
Check out these exciting study abroad opportunities offered at Tyndale University College!
Study Abroad!
Study or work abroad as part of your degree at Bangor University!
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