Discover: Going Abroad

Want to study in a new country? Learn a new language? Explore a new city? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we dive into the world of studying abroad and its amazing opportunities!
You Can Earn Your Post-Graduate Degree in Just One Year in the United Kingdom
Professional post-grad programs that normally take two years in Canada can be completed in just one year in the UK!
Find the Right Post-Graduate School for You at the Study and Go Abroad Fairs
Lots of grad schools, med schools, and more will be in attendance so you can get your questions answered about post-grad studies.
Win a Free Flight Anywhere in the World on Air Canada
Every student who attends a Study and Go Abroad fair this fall will be entered in a draw for a roundtrip flight on Air Canada!
Student Life: Expectations Vs. Reality
When you start university, it's hard to know what to expect. A Queen's University Belfast student shares her expectations and how they matched up with reality.
Thinking About Living and Learning in Europe? Consider Switzerland!
Canadian students can get a dynamic, international education at one of Switzerland's many world-class universities.
Discover Your Next Adventure at Study and Go Abroad
SAGA Education Fairs are back in person from Sept. 22-29 in Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Calgary. Visit these seminars to learn more about schools, programs, and experiences.
Your Guide to Moving to Belfast
From phone plans to tips on saving on groceries, Canadian student Manasa has put together some useful tips for Canadians coming to Queen's.
Living in Nicosia
Have you ever wanted to study abroad on an island? Discover what it's like to live in Nicosia, Cyprus at the University of Nicosia.
Working Holidays in Canada and Abroad
Ever wanted to get experience outside your home country? working holidays makes it easy!
Top 8 Questions to Ask When Considering Studying Abroad
Are you thinking of studying abroad? Consider asking these questions to discover your best options.
Are UK Universities Worth It?
An international student from the University of York shares what she considered when studying abroad.
7 Reasons to Study Abroad at Queen
Discover how studying in Northern Ireland could be the best experience of your life.
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