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Finding the right career path isn’t always easy. We want to help you start off on the right foot! Look below to discover your options.
5 Reasons to Consider a Career in the Trades
From hundreds of job openings to high earning potential, there are lots of reasons to choose the skilled trades.
What is Experiential Learning?
Learn about the six guiding principles, and the benefits to you, the student!
Looking for a unique, hands-on career? Olds College is for you!
Forensic Psychology Programs in Canada and Abroad
Interested in the intersection of psychology and justice? Check out these programs.
What Is Experiential Learning, Anyway?
Be career-ready at graduation by taking advantage of unique learning opportunities.
5 Ways to Make Your Senior Year Count
Get ready for college with the help of these top tips.
4 Rewarding Careers for Community Service Worker Grads
Put your education to work helping people with these four great careers.
Will I Find a Job After University?
4 ways a university degree can prepare you for a job after graduation, and so much more.
Want to Work in the Great Outdoors?
Get out from behind a desk and into the wide, beautiful world!
Passionate About the Environment? These Programs Are For You
Pick a program to start making your impact on our little blue planet.
4 Things No One Told You About Life After Graduation
Your guide to career success, as told by VIU alumni.
How to Set the Stage for Your Career While Still in School
Meet people and try new things to get a leg up on your career path.
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