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Campus View: Living in VIU Residence [VIDEO]
Ever wonder what it's like to live in residence at university?
5 Myths About Scholarships [VIDEO]
We bust five myths about scholarships in this animated video.
The Best Five Years of My Life [VIDEO]
A profile of Jenna Carver, a student athlete at VIU.
How to Pay for University [VIDEO]
Find advice on financing one of your life's biggest investments in this short video.
Your Last Chance to Apply for Highly Competitive College Programs is February 1st! [VIDEO]
Apply early for more chances to get a seat in the program you want.
Our Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right University [VIDEO]
Do your research, explore your options and discover great opportunities!
Deciding What to Study [VIDEO]
We share our best advice for choosing your programs in this short video.
Dear First Year Self: V3 [VIDEO]
The series' final entry. Upper year students offer their best advice.
Dear First Year Self: V2 [VIDEO]
Advice from upper year students on saving money, tutoring, and more.
Algonquin College Survival Guide [VIDEO]
A video full of helpful tips and tricks on surviving your first year, from real students at Algonquin College.
Advice for First Year From Those Who
Western University grads share what they wish they knew going into first year.
Your First Week at UCalgary [VIDEO]
Chock-full of exciting events like Induction, Kickoff, Clubs Week, and more!
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