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Your Phone is Filthy: Here
Your phone, mouse and keyboard are havens for germs. Clean them up, cheap and easy.
Student-led Team Develops COVID-19 Heat Map to Help Flatten the Curve
Stuck inside with nothing to do? These students put their skills to good use.
COVID-19 Resources for Students
Federal and provincial resources to keep yourself and others safe during the coronavirus pandemic.
How to Make a Fabric Face Mask
Toronto's Michael Garron Hospital calls for donations of homemade face masks during the coronavirus outbreak.
University of Waterloo Donates Supplies to Help Fight COVID-19
Schools across the region are banding together to support healthcare workers.
Updated: Government of Canada Announces Moratorium on Student Loan Payments
Anyone repaying federal student loans have no payments and no interest until September 30, 2020.
Minecraft Education Collection is Now Free Until June 2020
Players can build and explore to take their learning further.
Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic
How to manage stress and anxiety in the new abnormal.
Updated: How to Make Your Own WHO-Approved Hand Sanitizer
The WHO has released a comprehensive guide to creating your own hand sanitizer.
College and University COVID-19 Websites
Find the dedicated coronavirus pages for schools in Canada and abroad, all right here.
Thank a Nurse with the Canadian Nurses Foundation
Share your support for the brave nurses fighting the coronavirus pandemic.
Western University Researchers at Work on COVID-19 Vaccine
A team of experts is working together to push back the novel coronavirus.
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