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Everything You Need to Know about Vaccine Passports in Canada
Many provinces are using a vaccine passport that will restrict unvaccinated citizens from entering certain businesses, events, and activities. Check out what your province has decided.
The Top Canadian Universities of 2022
2022’s university world rankings have been published. Check out where your school stands!
Scholarships for Indigenous Students
Are you an Indigenous student looking for help funding your education? Check out these awards!
Updated: What Getting Vaccinated Means for You
Every Canadian can be fully vaccinated with the 66 million doses PM Justin Trudeau has secured. Now, the pandemic has become the pandemic of the unvaccinated.
Ryerson University Will be Renamed Due to History with Residential Schools
Ryerson University announces that it will change its name, among other things, to address Egerton Ryerson's history with residential schools.
Essential Items to Pack for Move-In Day
Move-in day is quickly approaching! Do you have everything you need?
Student Lines of Credit from 5 Major Canadian Banks
Everything you need to know about student lines of credit from the 5 major Canadian banks and how they compare to each other.
Three Refugee Olympic Athletes Destined for Canadian College after Tokyo Games
Sheridan College partners with WUSC and UNHCR to offer admission to three athletes from the Refugee Olympic Team.
8 Tips to Help you Succeed in First Year
The best tricks for how to have a successful first year.
Quebec Adapts Scholarship Program to Encourage Women in STEM
Women in Quebec STEM programs can receive up to $12K in scholarship money.
Investigate Crime Scenes at Trent University
Experience the process of investigating crime scenes with Trent University's Forensic Science program.
The World of Automation Engineers
Find out everything you need to know about automation engineers!
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