5 Reasons to Study Law at Bangor University

By Bangor University Modified on May 09, 2024
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Discover why you should pursue a law degree right after high school at Bangor University in the UK.

 5 Reasons to Study Law at Bangor University

Law at Bangor University is a great pathway for those looking to pursue a career within the legal sector as a Solicitor or Barrister and for those looking for non-legal careers in industry or academia. Our academics are passionate about the topics they teach and empowering you to make a difference in the world.

As a Canadian student interested in law, did you know that you can begin a law degree in the United Kingdom right after high school? Plus, the law degree only takes three years to complete! Need any more reasons to consider Bangor for your law degree? Check out these five reasons you should study law at Bangor:

1. Opportunity to specialize in areas of law

A huge benefit of studying for a Law degree at Bangor is you'll have the opportunity to choose a range of optional modules. Our LLB programs offer unique options that are taught by academics who are passionate about the topic. In addition to the compulsory modules, you can study topics such as International Law, Media Law, Law and Technology, and Law and Contemporary Issues.

A flexible Law degree means you'll have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and gain an LLB degree that looks at developing areas of law, something employers are increasingly looking for in a graduate.

2. Study an SQE facing curriculum

Are you looking to study Law so that you can become a solicitor? All our LLB degrees are “SQE” Facing; meaning our programs include a pathway to qualify as a Solicitor. Our compulsory modules closely follow the specification required by the Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam.

However, each module then goes further, exploring topics at the depth required for degree level study. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds, an academic degree that ensures you have the practical knowledge you need to succeed if you pursue a career in law after your degree.

3. Improve your employability

Our students go on to pursue a wide variety of careers in the legal and non-legal sectors. Our LLB degree program prepares you for a successful career by mixing theory with practical elements.

Whilst studying, you can gain the practical skills needed for the courtroom by practicing mooting in our on-site Moot Court Room.

After graduation, some of our graduates have undertaken training contracts at various law firms, stretching from international law firms based in the City of London to regional and local firms. Some have pursued a career at the Bar. Others choose careers away from the law, with graduates becoming civil servants or other sectors, including the police, accountancy, or the armed forces.

4. Be part of a Law community

Law at Bangor is relatively small compared to other law schools in the UK. This means that we have a close-knit community here. You’ll get to know academics well as well as other students on the course.

Choosing law at Bangor means you will have . We also have our very own Law Society, where you'll find a group of like-minded students who participate in Mooting competitions and hold events and gatherings throughout the academic year.

5. International recognition

Students from jurisdictions such as Canada and Nigeria can have the Bangor LLB recognized by the professional bodies in their countries. This means that the Bangor LLB attracts students from around the world creating a diverse student body.

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