3 Reasons to Study Website and App Design at CapU

By Capilano University Modified on April 23, 2024
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Capilano University is on the cutting edge of studies in interaction design. Check out why!

3 Reasons to Study Website and App Design at CapU

Are you passionate about technology, design, the web, or app development? A career in interaction design may be for you. Here are the top three reasons why the Interaction Design Diploma at Capilano University is the right program to help you start a career as a creator.

1. Enjoy small classes and individual attention from faculty

The Interaction Design diploma is offered as a cohort, which means there are a maximum of 27 students in each class.

You'll receive personalized and detailed feedback from our instructors, all industry professionals who are passionate about their work and invested in your success.

2. Focus on your career preparation with mentorship and practicum experiences

The program centres around doing projects and having hands-on experience. You'll gain expertise in areas including:

  • website design
  • app design
  • UX (user experience) design
  • UI (user interface) design
  • user research
  • motion design
  • and coding

The program also explores design for new technologies and how to manage digital environments and workflows.

Before graduation, you'll complete the Interaction Design Capstone project, which combines all the research, theory, and technical skills you've picked up over the two years of your diploma.

You can also complete a work practicum placement, where you'll grow your network and apply the skills learned during the program to a real workplace, making connections you'll take after graduation and into the workforce.

Learn more about the Interaction Design Diploma in this short video:

3. Use the right tools and supplies

You'll have access to a laptop with all the required software from day one of the diploma, gaining skills and confidence using the same tools and programs industry experts use.

The program also funds student memberships to professional associations in Canada, as well as local events and guest speakers.

After graduation, you'll be ready to start working immediately, having already built the skills and vital industry relationships you need to ensure career success.

If you want to continue to a four-year degree, you can take the credits earned in your diploma and use them to apply to the third year of the Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication program at CapU's IDEA School of Design.

Getting into Interaction Design

Entrance requirements for the Interaction Design diploma are simple: submit a one-minute video describing why you want to become an interaction designer or send us one example of your creative work.

Whether you've just graduated high school or are looking to switch careers, the Interaction Design diploma is an excellent program for anyone looking to move into a creative career sooner.

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