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5 Ways to Revamp Your Habits for the New Year
How to create healthy routines and patterns for success in 2022!
13 Unique Spots to Discover at VIU
An art gallery, high-end restaurant and fully-equipped theatre are just some of the cool things at Vancouver Island University.
Impacting the World: The SDGs Challenge
IE University is running a global challenge for high school students to help support sustainability!
Two UWaterloo Grad Students Race Driverless Car at the Indy Motor Speedway
Teams from around the world built autonomous vehicles to compete on the world's largest race track.
An Introduction to York University
Discover what your future may look like at York University!
Questions to Ask on a Campus Tour
Making the most of your visit to universities and colleges.
Test Your Canadian IQ with the Canada Day Quiz!
We've got 20 fun questions to mark Canada's 154th birthday.
This Pandemic is Boring!
What is boredom, anyway? And what can you do about it when you're just plain bored?
Algonquin College shares the many perks and amenities of living in the nation's capital city.
Engage with King
King's UC is having fun with video on TikTok. Join us!
Planning and Goal Setting for 2021
Suggestions for new ambitions after the rough year that was 2020.
The Top 20 of 2020
Check out the programs, careers, scholarships, and more, that topped the charts during this crazy year.
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