Test Your Canadian IQ with the Canada Day Quiz!

By Logan Bright Modified on July 01, 2020

We've got 20 fun questions to celebrate Canada's 153rd birthday.

Think you know the nation? Take the Canada Day Quiz!

It's Canada Day! We're celebrating our country's 153rd birthday — from a safe physical distance, of course!

Though public fireworks may be off the table this year, there are still ways to have fun.

We've come up with a quiz to test your knowledge about Canada. From politics to potato chips, this quiz is sure to bend your brain.

But maybe you need to brush up on your Canuck-isms? Check out What Canada Means to Me to hear inspiring stories from new Canadians. Or try Maclean's 99 reasons why it's better to be Canadian from 2013.

When you're ready, test your knowledge of the nation with the SchoolFinder Group Canada Day Quiz.

Can you get all 20 questions right? Try it out!

Take the Canada Day Quiz

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