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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Africa and Globalization Bachelor; Honours
African Studies Bachelor
African Studies Bachelor; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Anthropology Bachelor
Anthropology Bachelor; Honours
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Canadian Studies Bachelor; Honours
Canadian Studies Bachelor
Childhood and Youth Studies Bachelor; Honours
Childhood and Youth Studies Bachelor
Cognitive Science Bachelor
Cognitive Science Bachelor; Honours
Communication and Media Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Criminology and Criminal Justice Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences and Physical Geography Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth Sciences and Physical Geography Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor
Europe and Russia in the World Bachelor; Honours
European and Russian Studies Bachelor; Honours
European and Russian Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
French Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
French and Francophone Studies Bachelor; Honours
Geography Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geography Bachelor; Honours
Geography Bachelor
Geomatics (BA) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geomatics (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Geomatics (BSc) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Geomatics (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Global and Transnational History Bachelor
Global Development Bachelor
Global Genders and Sexualities Bachelor; Honours
Global Inequalities and Social Change Bachelor
Global Law and Social Justice Bachelor
Global Media and Communication Bachelor
Global Politics Bachelor
Globalization and the Environment Bachelor
Globalization, Culture, and Power Bachelor
Human Rights and Social Justice Bachelor; Honours
Indigenous Studies Bachelor; Honours
International Economic Policy Bachelor
Journalism Bachelor
Journalism Bachelor; Honours
Journalism and Humanities Bachelor; Honours
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Bachelor
Law (BA) Bachelor
Law (BA) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Law (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Media Production and Design Bachelor; Co-op
Media Production and Design Bachelor
Migration and Diaspora Studies Bachelor
Physical Geography Bachelor
Physical Geography Bachelor; Co-op
Political Science Bachelor
Political Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Political Science Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (BA) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychology (BA) Bachelor
Psychology (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sociology Bachelor
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Women's and Gender Studies Bachelor
Women’s and Gender Studies Bachelor; Honours

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Applied Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Applied Physics Bachelor; Honours
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biochemistry Bachelor
Bioinformatics Bachelor; Honours
Bioinformatics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biology (B.A.) Bachelor
Biology (B.A.) Bachelor; Honours
Biology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Biology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biology (B.Sc.) Bachelor
Biomedical Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Biotechnology Bachelor; Honours
Biotechnology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computational Biochemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computational Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences Bachelor
Earth Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth Sciences and Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth Sciences and Biology Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences and Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Earth Sciences and Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences and Physical Geography Bachelor; Honours
Earth Sciences and Physical Geography Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Interdisciplinary Science and Practice Bachelor; Honours
Interdisciplinary Science and Practice Bachelor
Mathematics and Physics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Nanoscience Bachelor; Honours
Neuroscience Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Neuroscience Bachelor; Honours
Neuroscience and Mental Health Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Neuroscience and Mental Health Bachelor
Neuroscience and Mental Health Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor; Honours
Physics Bachelor
Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physics (Experimental) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physics (Experimental) Bachelor; Honours
Physics (Theory) Bachelor; Honours
Physics (Theory) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physics and Biology Bachelor; Honours
Physics and Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Physics and Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Physics and Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Actuarial Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Actuarial Science Bachelor; Honours
Algorithms Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Algorithms Bachelor; Honours
Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computational and Applied Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor; Honours
Computer and Internet Security Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer and Internet Security Bachelor; Honours
Computer Game Development Bachelor; Honours
Computer Game Development Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Information Resource Management (IRM) Bachelor
Information Resource Management (IRM) Bachelor; Co-op
Management and Business Systems Bachelor; Honours
Management and Business Systems Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics Bachelor
Mathematics - Combined B.Math./M.Sc. Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics - Combined B.Math./M.Sc. Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mathematics and Physics Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics and Physics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mobile Computing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mobile Computing Bachelor; Honours
Network Computing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Network Computing Bachelor; Honours
Network Technology Bachelor; Co-op
Network Technology Bachelor
Optical Systems and Sensors Bachelor
Optical Systems and Sensors Bachelor; Co-op
Software Engineering (Computer Science) Bachelor; Honours
Software Engineering (Computer Science) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Statistics Bachelor; Honours
Statistics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Statistics Bachelor
Statistics - Combined B.Math./M.Sc Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Statistics - Combined B.Math./M.Sc Bachelor; Honours

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting Bachelor; Honours
Accounting Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Actuarial Science Bachelor; Honours
Actuarial Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Commerce Bachelor; Honours
Entrepreneurship Bachelor
Entrepreneurship Bachelor; Co-op
Finance Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Finance Bachelor; Honours
Global Financial Management and Systems Bachelor
Information Systems Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Information Systems Bachelor; Honours
International Business (BComm) Bachelor; Honours
International Business (BIB) Bachelor; Honours
International Marketing and Trade Bachelor; Honours
International Strategy and Human Resources Management Bachelor; Honours
Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Management Bachelor; Honours
Management and Business Systems Bachelor; Honours
Management and Business Systems Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Marketing Bachelor; Honours
Marketing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Public Affairs and Policy Management Bachelor
Public Affairs and Policy Management Bachelor; Co-op
Social Work (BSW) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Supply Chain Management Bachelor; Honours
Supply Chain Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours

Humanities and Languages

Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies Bachelor
Applied Linguistics & Discourse Studies Bachelor; Honours
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
English Bachelor
English Bachelor; Honours
English Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
French Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
French Bachelor; Honours
French Bachelor
French and Francophone Studies Bachelor; Honours
Global Literatures Bachelor
Global Religions: Identity and Community Bachelor
Greek and Roman Studies Bachelor
Greek and Roman Studies Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor
History Bachelor; Honours
History Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Humanities (Great Books) Bachelor; Honours
Journalism and Humanities Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Linguistics (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor; Honours
Philosophy with a specialization in Philosophy, Ethics and Public Affairs Bachelor
Religion Bachelor; Honours
Religion Bachelor
Undeclared Bachelor

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Art History Bachelor
Art History Bachelor; Honours
Computer Game Development Bachelor; Honours
Computer Game Development Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Film Studies Bachelor
Film Studies Bachelor; Honours
Industrial Design Bachelor
Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD) Bachelor
Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD) Bachelor; Co-op
Music (B.Mus.) Bachelor; Honours
Music (BA) Bachelor; Honours
Music (BA) Bachelor

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Science Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Science Bachelor
Environmental Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Studies Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Environmental Studies Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Studies Bachelor
Food Science Bachelor; Honours
Food Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Globalization and the Environment Bachelor

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Disability and Chronic Illness Bachelor; Honours
Environment and Health Bachelor; Honours
Global Health Bachelor
Health Throughout the Lifespan Bachelor; Honours
Neuroscience and Mental Health Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Neuroscience and Mental Health Bachelor
Neuroscience and Mental Health Bachelor; Honours


Personal Improvement and Leisure

Computer Game Development Bachelor; Honours
Computer Game Development Bachelor; Co-op; Honours


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