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We’re here to help you as much as we can, and that’s why we’ve created helpful advice! This section is dedicated to giving you the best tips we can find.
We’re Not Horsing Around!
Explore the unique Equine Science program at Olds College.
Four Tips to Succeed in University
Are you ready for first year? Set yourself up for success with these tips.
Prep for Success — Cover Your Financial Basics
School gets busy fast. Take the time and be sure you've covered the basics.
The Top Three Reasons to Consider a Small College
Hint: There's more to consider than just financial savings!
The Transition from High School to College, Made Easy
The transition from high school to college can be daunting, but we have resources to get you through.
Finding the Right Home Away From Home
Should you live in residence or off campus?
Work-Integrated Learning: WIL You or Won
Read all about the benefits of learning on the job.
Tips for the Summer Before Your Final Year of High School
How to prepare to apply for university.
Student-2-Student: One Thing You Wish You
Convocation is here, so we reached out to our grads to ask for their words of wisdom.
Be Part of the University of Calgary Alumni Network
Learn about the University and some of its amazing alumni.
The Essentials of Budgeting as a University Student
Follow these golden rules to stay on top of your finances.
Five Advantages of Contacting a University or College Recruitment Office
Never considered the many benefits of visiting a school's recruitment office? Read on
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