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Canadian Federal Budget 2024 Includes Increase for Graduate-Level Scholarships
Master's, doctoral, and postdoc students, rejoice! The Canadian government has promised an increase in funding for graduate studies.
Will Ontario End its Tuition Freeze on Canadian Students, and Boost Funding per Student?
Tuition hasn't risen since 2019 for Canadians, putting a greater burden on international students to make up the difference.
Ontario Considers Loosening Education Requirements for Police Officers
Tuition cuts and increased enrollment capacity: the thin blue line is calling you.
Young Climate Activists Have More Power Than They Know
Students and young people standing up for the Earth have more power and influence than they realize!
Looking to break into the healthcare field? Ontario students may get their tuition covered by the provincial government.
Canadian Federal Government Will Strike Interest from Student Loans
Students will benefit by not having to pay back as much on their federal student loans.
An effort to preserve and promote the French language is causing ripples among locals and international students alike.
Everything You Need to Know About the 2022 Ontario Election
The Ontario provincial election is coming up soon. Are you prepared to vote?
Students Are Camping Outside Because They Can
Canada's housing market is a major challenge for students who just want to go to class.
Students in and from Ukraine are in a tough position right now. Schools are doing what they can to help.
Updated: Ontario College Strike Averted
Update: The Friday, March 18 strike deadline has been avoided. No strike!
Ukraine: Canadian Immigration Options, and Where You Can Donate
Find out how the Canadian government is supporting the people of Ukraine — and how you can help.
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