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Top 5 Tips for Budgeting Your Student Loan
Discover how you can manage your student loan and budget while at university.
Canadian Federal Government Will Strike Interest from Student Loans
Students will benefit by not having to pay back as much on their federal student loans.
Work Study Program Opens New Door for Undergraduates
UBCO's Work Study program gives students a financial boost while equipping them with professional skills.
Maximize Your University Learning Experience with Co-op
Earn your degree, build your resumé, and make money, all at the same time.
New opportunities for students and faculty will spring from this new investment.
For Olympic Sprinter Maddy Price, the Journey is the True Reward
Maddy Price is a Canadian Olympian and professional relay sprinter. Off the track, she shares her inspiring story.
5 Ways You Can Get Involved in Research at Douglas College
Enhance your education experience and boost your resumé with research opportunities at Douglas College.
4 Reasons to Attend a CCUF Education Fair
CCUF education fairs are back online this November! Make sure you register and attend so you can connect with your future school.
2023 Maclean
Check out Maclean's 2023 rankings of which schools devote more of their budget to funding scholarships and bursaries.
Living on a Student Budget Can Be Tough. Middlesex Can Help
Between tuition, living expenses, and course materials, uni costs can add up. Middlesex offers advice and supports to make student life in the UK easier.
Five Ways to Make Quick Cash as a Student
Discover some quick and simple ways you can earn some money while in school.
Discover the Trent Co-op Advantage
At Trent University you can curate a co-op experience that best suits your interests.
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