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Your Guide to Moving to Belfast
From phone plans to tips on saving on groceries, Canadian student Manasa has put together some useful tips for Canadians coming to Queen's.
CapU Alumni Q and A: Maryam Antikchi
Founder of Ecoation, Maryam is helping farmers create sustainable food systems.
Six Things You can Try This Summer
Are you finding yourself bored during the summer? Try these fun activities to fill your time.
Nipissing Offers Fun and Affordable Workshops This Summer
Nipissing's Summer Series workshops are fast approaching! Find your next hobby or learn a new skill this summer.
Eating Well, Spending Less: Grocery Shopping on a Student Budget
Are you living away from home? Grocery shopping may be a new experience, but it can get expensive. Follow these tips to manage your spending on food.
Why You Should Study in Manitoba
Red River College Polytechnic shares some of the many exciting benefits of living in Manitoba.
First-of-its-Kind Research Collaboration Between Trent and Karbon Brewing Co.
Unique university-brewery collaboration to offer experiential learning opportunities for Trent students.
Niagara College Reaps the Harvest of Sustainable Wine Growing with New Certification
Learn all about sustainable winemaking at the Niagara College Teaching Winery.
Olds College Smart Farm: A Living Laboratory
Olds College is on the cutting edge of agri-food development. Find out what makes the campus Smart Farm so special!
From Education to Entrepreneurship: How Centennial Grad Jordan Launched The Breakfast Pantry
Food Media graduate Jordan Kruger launched The Breakfast Pantry after earning her diploma at Centennial. Here's how!
Tips to Help You Settle in as a Canadian Student in the United Kingdom
An international student at the University of York offers tips to help you adjust to studying in York.
The Differences Between Living in Belfast and Canada
A Queen's University Belfast student shares some differences she's noticed from living in Canada and Belfast.
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