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Chat with Students: a New Tool to Support Your Search for the Right School
You'll have the chance to connect with students online, one-on-one, to learn what life's really like at the schools that interest you.
Using AI Tools Like ChatGPT to Help with Schoolwork: It
AI is on the rise, and with it has come a bevy of sophisticated tools to help you with your schoolwork. Some teachers and profs are embracing it.
Grow the Future of Agriculture with a $5,000 G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship
Six scholarships of $5,000 each are open to Canadian high school grads interested in farming and food.
Networking Tips for Introverts
Are you someone who'd rather stay home than have to talk to strangers? Here's some tips for how you can get the most out of networking events as an introvert!
Common Co-op Challenges (and How to Combat Them!)
Discover the top four challenges you may face in your co-op position and learn how to overcome them!
Make Your Mark: Shine Through Your Personal Statement
Learn to highlight your academic achievements and extracurricular experiences for university applications and beyond.
Why Study Abroad Instead of a Local University?
Improving employability, learning languages, and exploring options: there are plenty of reasons to study overseas!
Academic Advising Prep Tips
Get the most out of your academic advising sessions with these top tips on how to prepare.
Soft Skills to Highlight on Your Resumé
Discover the top soft skills that employers love to see.
Writing the Right Resumé for Job and Scholarship Applications
Not much to report on your resumé just yet? No worries! Here's how to write a compelling resumé for your applications.
Simon Fraser University Readying to Rove the Moon
A team of Simon Fraser University researchers is preparing for blast off after being announced as a major partner in Canada’s first moon rover mission.
The Best Ways to Balance a Work-Study Lifestyle
Discover the top tips for how you can thrive when working part-time while studying.
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