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2022 Maclean
Maclean's released their rankings for Canada's best universities based on student satisfaction for 2022.
How to Prepare for a Virtual Open House
Laurentian University has some tips for how you can make the most of your virtual open houses as they prepare for theirs on Saturday, October 23rd.
Questions to Ask at Virtual Education Fairs
Find the right school and program for you by getting the info you need to make smart decisions.
Finding Balance: Navigating Work, School, and Life
The secret to success? Reaching out to the student supports available around you.
7 Things You Should Know About Mount Royal University
Discover the mid-size university in Calgary that puts student success first.
Six Things to Research About Potential Schools
Ontario Tech University points out key things you need to think about when choosing your school.
An Introduction to York University
Discover what your future may look like at York University!
Nine Factors to Consider When Choosing a University
So you're thinking about going to university. With so many programs and universities, how do you pick? Here are nine factors to consider.
10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Campus Tour
Your guide to a productive visit.
Questions to Ask on a Campus Tour
Making the most of your visit to universities and colleges.
Top 5 Reasons to Join a University Club or Society
Make the most of your 2021/2022 academic year.
Something for Everyone: 5 Ways to Get Involved on Campus
From athletics to volunteering, if you want to be part of your campus community, there are lost of ways to engage!
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