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Tackling Imposter Syndrome at University
A student from the University of Birmingham shares her tips on how to prevent imposter syndrome.
Energize Your Mind and Body at Royal Roads University
Explore Royal Road's recreational opportunities like home workout guides, fitness and yoga studios, and more!
The Great Student Housing Dilemma
On-campus or off-campus housing: which is right for you?
What I Wish I Had Known in my First Year of University
6 pieces of advice for future first-year students from someone who's been there.
3 Golden Rules for a Better College Experience
Get the most out of your college experience with these three tips from Algonquin College.
The Major Differences Between High School Classes and University Lectures
Discover the changes you can expect to see in your university lectures that are different from your high school classes.
Student Life: Expectations Vs. Reality
When you start university, it's hard to know what to expect. A Queen's University Belfast student shares her expectations and how they matched up with reality.
8 Things I wish I
A Dalhousie student shares some challenges she faced in first year and how you can avoid them.
5 Back-to-School Tips for University Students
Class is almost back in session... Here are the must-knows from a 4th year student.
9 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of University
An Ontario Tech University student shares her top tips she's learned from her first year experience.
Adulting 101
Discover how to succeed at the University of Lethbridge as you enter a new phase in your life.
Six Things You can Try This Summer
Are you finding yourself bored during the summer? Try these fun activities to fill your time.
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