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The Costuming Library at CapU
An exclusive library collection for costumers.
6 New Year
Setting a New Year's resolution is traditional! Following through with it? Less so. Let's change that for 2023!
How I Save Money as a Student in Toronto
Keeping more of your hard-earned money while studying in one of Canada's most expensive cities.
Social Science Research: What to Expect
Research isn't always test tubes and chemicals! A Social Science student shares her story.
4 Key Questions to Guide Your Future Career
Are you often asked what you want to do after graduation? Do you have a good answer?
Learning a Language at York University
Additional language skills can be an excellent asset to your future career.
Transfer to York University
Resources, supports, and study options for transfer students coming to York U.
Sharpening Your Study Skills
A guide to using study techniques to enhance exam success.
How to Study for Exams like a Pro
Working in groups, educational videos, and the right environment can all contribute to exam success.
5 Easy Ways to Beat Exam Stress
Make a plan to tackle your notes and keep healthy so you can crush your exams.
Why Liberal Arts at Booth UC?
Get all the essentials of a modern university education.
How to Pull an All-Nighter (If You Really Need To)
5 tips to make your night-long slog a little more pleasant and productive.
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