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Ryan Reynolds Visits Seneca College
Ryan Reynolds took a tour of the labs, studios, and classrooms at the Seneca Film Institute.
Get an Advantage with a Bilingual Degree
Discover the benefits of a bilingual education at York University's Glendon Campus.
Seneca Music Students Add Original Beats to Innovative Collaboration
Seneca music students help create soothing beats for students to listen to while studying or relaxing.
Pursuing Post-Graduate Studies Abroad: Risks and Rewards
Missed out on getting an international experience in your undergrad? It's not too late.
6 New Year
Setting a New Year's resolution is traditional! Following through with it? Less so. Let's change that for 2023!
Deciding Which is Right For You: College or University
Either way, post-secondary education is a great way to enhance your knowledge, prepare for your career, and grow as an individual.
Bishop’s University Offers Musical Theatre Training Unlike Any Other in the Country
Whether you are majoring in Music, Drama, Psychology, Business, Education, or something else, if you have what it takes to bring characters to life through song, the Musical Theatre Concentration is for you!
Happy Holidays! Check Out 2022
These are the year's most-viewed schools, programs, career profiles, articles, and scholarships!
The expansion of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema is a response to the changing need of Quebec’s rapidly expanding cinematic arts industry.
Life in Ottawa: A Student-Friendly Student Full of Opportunities
Learn what makes the nation's capital such a special place for students of all kinds!
For Olympic Sprinter Maddy Price, the Journey is the True Reward
Maddy Price is a Canadian Olympian and professional relay sprinter. Off the track, she shares her inspiring story.
Discover what exciting activities and areas you can explore while at Algoma University.
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