How to Apply to College or University in Alberta

By Logan Bright Modified on January 17, 2024
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A quick guide to getting your applications in via ApplyAlberta, for Canadian and international students.

How to Apply to College or University in Alberta

Application season is upon us! If you're looking to live the Prairie Life and attend college or university in Alberta, you'll need to go through ApplyAlberta, the province's application system. Here's a quick primer to help get you applying in no time.

Researching your options for programs and schools

Before you start, though, be sure to do your research. Sites like, for Canadian students, and, for international students coming to Canada, are great resources to compare program offerings and plan a path for your career. Only start the application process when you have a firm idea of where you want to be.

Once you have a list of schools and programs that interest you, check out each school's official website, which you'll find linked through SchoolFinder or StudyinCanada. You can also try these links through ApplyAlberta:

Getting ready to use ApplyAlberta

First off, you'll need an Account. This is a handy online account that can be used to access many provincial services, including ApplyAlberta. You can set it up directly, or as part of your ApplyAlberta application.

You'll also need your Alberta Student Number (ASN). If you've previously attended school in Alberta, you've already got one, and you can look it up through the Learner Registry. Otherwise, ApplyAlberta will create an ASN for you.

You should also have a list of all the high schools and post-secondary schools you have attended (or currently attend), and a credit card to cover any application fees charged by the school(s) you're applying to.

Creating your application through ApplyAlberta

When you've got your Account set up, visit the ApplyAlberta Apply Now page and use the green Apply Now button. No matter if you're a Canadian student, or an international student — you'll use this process to apply to Alberta universities and colleges.

The schools you apply to will probably want to see your high school transcripts so they can judge your eligibility. At the start of your application, you'll need to authorize their transmission, so read the terms and conditions. If you agree, continue with your application. If you don't agree, though, you won't be able to proceed!

Next up you'll need to fill in your profile. This consists of personal info, contact details, and your academic history. Tell the system about any high schools or post-secondary institutions you've attended, along with the dates you started and completed your studies. If you're currently in high school, you'll also have to include the marks you've earned in your courses.

Submitting your application through ApplyAlberta

Now it's time to apply. Choose the school you're interested in and be sure to double check the admission requirements. They vary by institution, so now's your chance to be sure you're eligible to enrol.

When you're satisfied, just fill out the prompts! The school will let you know which transcripts they'll receive directly, and which you'll need to track down yourself. (Normally this means contacting your former school and having them send the transcript for you, for which there may be a fee. International students are responsible for having transripts and other documents translated to English.)

Confirming your details and paying the application fee

When you're done, you'll be asked to take a moment to review your application. Read it carefully to ensure all your info is correct. Then it's fee time: get your credit card ready. Fees vary by institution — the University of Alberta, for example, charges around $100 CAD.

And that's it! You've applied — congratulations! Keep an eye on your inbox, and your spam filter, for word from the schools you've applied to. They'll reach out directly with more info and details.

Next steps after your application is complete

You can always return to ApplyAlberta to apply to other schools. The process is the same, though your personal and academic info will be saved, so your next application will be that much easier.

You can use your account to apply to any number of public colleges or universities in Alberta! If you're not 100% sure you'll be accepted to your first-choice program, having a couple of backup options available is a good idea, even if you have to pay a small application fee for your peace of mind.

Otherwise, you're all set! Check back in with SchoolFinder and StudyinCanada now and then to find articles, advice, and support for every step of your educational journey, from your first semester to your first career.

Enjoy your studies!

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