UNBC is Canada's Green University

The University of Northern British Columbia is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and innovation in efficient technologies.

UNBC is Canada's Green University

As Canada's Green University, the University of Northern British Columbia is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and operating costs by:

  • Reducing energy consumption through energy-efficiency projects
  • Student and staff engagement
  • Energy awareness campaigns

Not only are we bound to this through a lens of social responsibility, but from the standpoint of our strategic priorities. In recognition of these efforts, we are consistently named one of Canada's Greenest Employers.

Environmental programs at UNBC

The British Columbia and Canadian economies require skilled and creative people who can ensure that our environment continues to sustain jobs and communities. UNBC is educating the next generation of environmental stewards who will take their place as leaders in commerce, industry, and communities.

UNBC offers programs in many areas related to climate and the environment. Here's a snapshot:

Undergraduate programs

Just starting out in university? Check out some of these popular programs:

Graduate programs

UNBC also offers graduate-level programs in areas like natural resources and environmental studies. Fields like geography and political science also have an environmental component!

A centre for green research

UNBC has earned a solid reputation for research relating to the environment and sustainability over its two decades of operation.

At UNBC, we defined sustainability in research as a concept that addresses the human relationship to the environment; a relationship that has multiple dimensions.

To qualify for inclusion as sustainability research at UNBC, the research must tackle the human relationship to the environment in one or more of its multiple dimensions. Sustainability research seeks to improve human and ecological well-being, and as such, is generally solutions-oriented.

UNBC is home to a half-dozen research institutes that contribute to the sustainability mandate of the university.

Getting involved at UNBC

Got a passion for sustainability and greening your environment? UNBC students can join groups, like Students for a Green University or the Green University Planning Committee, to have their voices heard and influence policy alongside staff and classmates.

If you're really keen, you can also join the UNBC Green Team, a group dedicated to earth-friendly initiatives and activities that spread the sustainability message. The Green Team is made up entirely of volunteers, and works around your schedule as a student.

If you're serious about sustainability, you know there's a lot we need to do as a country — and a planet! — to push back against our changing climate. UNBC is committed to environmental health, but the climate crisis means we need all hands on deck!

Find out more about what makes UNBC so green on our website.

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