Entry-Level Jobs in Essential Services

By Logan Bright Modified on May 19, 2021
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No experience? No problem! There are open roles across the country.

A student works in essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People across Canada are getting vaccinated at an increasing rate: nearly 40% of the population has received at least one dose so far. Unfortunately, summer 2021 is likely going to be another difficult season for job seekers. Still, there are openings across Canada in essential industries.

Some industries popular with students still haven't recovered, like travel, tourism and hospitality. Others, like transportation and logistics, are seeing a boom in hiring right now. The best part is many of these jobs don't require experience!

Whether you're looking for a summer job between semesters, or you're a new grad looking to get your foot in the door, check out this infographic to find open jobs, with no experience needed, all across Canada.

Preparing your resumé and cover letter to apply online

When preparing your resumé and cover letter, be sure to pay close attention to the job listing. Many employers use applicant tracking systems, which means a computer scans your application for relevant terms and keywords.

When editing your resumé and cover letter, try to include as many keywords from the job listing as you can. The better your work matches the system's expectations, the more likely you are to be called for an interview.

Job interviews over Zoom

Like just about everything else, most interviews are conducted online right now. This can be intimidating! If you're asked to interview over Zoom, or any other online conference platform, treat the interview like any other. Be prompt, dress for success, and prepare some questions for your interviewer.

Make sure you're familiar with the tech before your interview arrives, so you're not fussing about with your webcam during your slot. Remember to speak clearly and slowly, and mind your body language! If you're able, looking into your camera directly when you speak is a good way to approximate real eye contact in an interview.

Some companies are conducting group interviews online, typically for sales and customer-focused positions. Be sure to prepare if you're asked to participate in an interview like this.

Entry-level jobs in essential services across Canada

The following links include job listings across the country. Be sure to filter the results by your location to get the best matches available to you!


Transportation & Logistics

1,100 JOBS

When's the last time you ordered something online? Goods require a sophisticated chain of logistics to reach your front door. Companies like Amazon and their contractors have been hiring drivers and warehouse staff to keep up with increased demand throughout the pandemic.

personal care

Personal Care & Vulnerable Population Services

900 JOBS

With so many confined to their homes, personal support workers and others in the helping professions are needed across Canada. Cleaners of all sorts are in demand, too, given the need for proper sanitation during this crisis. The demand for these jobs keeps rising, and there for many positions, you don't need experience.

food services

Food Services

800 JOBS

Many restaurant dining rooms are still closed, but in some parts of the country, they're beginning to re-open. For those still at home, take out and delivery are booming. From cooking to catering, food service could help you serve up something delicious.


Construction and Maintenance

800 JOBS

New construction is going up all the time, even during the pandemic, and maintenance people will always be needed. If you're interested in a skilled trade, there are openings right now for you to get started in just about every field across Canada.


Manufacturing & Production

700 JOBS

Most factories and processing facilities are still open, producing all sorts of goods, and they need hands to help out with anything from sewing machine operation to assembling wood furniture. If you have training in a skilled trade, all the better!



600 JOBS

There are hundreds of openings in the healthcare system right now, even if you have no experience. One area of growth is in telehealth — offering health services over the phone or internet — but there are many opportunities to do some good in your community. This field includes everything from nurses and physical therapists to pharmacy aides and vet assistants.

retail & wholesale

Retail & Wholesale

500 JOBS

Many retail stores have reopened, under strict guidelines, meaning shops and wholesalers have a renewed need for people to help keep stores running smoothly. If you're interested in sales or customer relations, this is the field for you.



500 JOBS

As the saying goes, farmers feed cities. Workers in agriculture are needed right now, whatever your education level. From general farm hands to administrative assistants, the agriculture industry has a big appetite for hiring.

Don't worry too much if you can't find an opening for your dream job just yet. You're early in your career, and the pandemic has made things a little crazy. Even if you're taking a summer job just to make a little cash, you're still taking a productive step towards your future career!

Here are some quick links to help you get started. Remember, you can filter your results further to only show jobs in your local area. Good luck with your job hunt!

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