Why You Should Request Info from Schools

By Logan Bright Modified on July 18, 2022
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Discover how reaching out to schools before applying can boost your chances of acceptance.

A prospective student makes notes to request information from the schools he's interested in, so he'll no longer be a stealth applicant.

If you've been scrolling through our website doing some research on your potential future schools, and the program you might like to take, then you've probably seen the "request info" button. You may have passed by it, thinking "why should I request more information when I can just google my answer?" Well, this feature is actually more beneficial than you think — requesting info can even help boost your application!

Why reaching out to schools before applying is beneficial to you

Who would have thought that a small request info button would make that big of a difference for your applications? It turns out that this small button has many benefits to help you through application season.

Schools notice if you show interest

Competitive schools make tough decisions all the time around who gets admitted, and potential applicants' level of interest is one of the big factors in those decisions. Students who are determined — who have questions and find the answers — have a much higher chance of enrolling in their chosen school: over 50% higher, in fact.

Schools are paying attention to which prospective students are paying attention — this is known among school registrars as your "demonstrated interest."

Schools determine financial aid and course availability based on students' interest

Schools are better able to apportion seats in popular programs, and budget for financial aid, if they have a sense of who's likely to attend. If your preferred program is more niche, that's all the more reason to connect: let the school know there are students out there who want to take the program! The last thing you want is a program you're excited for to be cancelled due to lack of interest.

Get the inside scoop on the application process

When you reach out to schools before you submit your application, you connect with recruiters and current students who can help you tailor your application to that specific school. You can get tips and tricks for how to structure your application, what experiences might be useful to mention, and other ways you can set yourself apart from other applicants. You never know what useful advice schools might share with you when you make the effort to reach out to them.

Narrow down where you want to go to school

While you're researching schools, attending open houses, and preparing your applications, it helps to connect with your potential schools to get a better sense of where you want to end up. See how schools communicate with you, whether they offer advice, if they seem eager to help, and the general vibe you get. If you attend that school, this is likely the same way they treat their current students as well.

Use the request info button now to begin your communication with a school

Both SchoolFinder and StudyinCanada make reaching out to schools easy. On many school profile and program listing is a Request Info button. Fill out a quick form and get in contact. Schools will usually get back to you via email.

By concretely demonstrating your interest, you give yourself an advantage. Overworked and underfunded school admins can't afford to put resources into applicants they don't think will actually enroll, so one of the best things you can do is reach out! Getting in touch with a school before applying just might make the difference between being accepted and being on the waiting list. So don't wait — with the press of one button you're one step closer to your school of choice!

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