Why Liberal Arts at Booth UC?

By Booth University College Modified on November 20, 2019

Get all the essentials of a modern university education.

A student engages in a well-rounded liberal arts education at Booth University College.

If you have searched online for post-secondary education options, you have probably come across a phrase such as, "Gain a strong foundation in the liberal arts." But what exactly is a liberal arts education?

Simply put, it's the tradition of a broad education in various fields, including literature, philosophy, math, and sciences. It emphasizes the development of critical thinking and analytical skills, the ability to solve complex problems, as well as a desire to continue to learn. And why is it important? Having a broad education and varied knowledge can help prepare you for work in a variety of sectors and help you stand out to employers. It can also provide a stepping stone to other careers and skills to become a valuable community member.

Booth UC features a robust liberal arts curriculum. Whether you choose a degree in business administration, social work, or psychology, you will explore a wide variety of issues, ideas and methods, and will learn to read critically, write cogently and think broadly. In fact, we asked some of our students why gaining a liberal arts education at Booth UC is important to them.
Booth University College Social Work student Jodi Tuckett.

"Education is not merely the assimilation of information gained through institutional education, but the development of character qualities which influence everyday life. Booth UC provides that. In our world of technology, knowing how to reason, think and discover the truth are skills needed now more than ever," says social work student, Jodi Tuckett.
Booth University College Business Administration student Josh Tampai.

Business student Josh Tampai further explains, "As a student, it’s always good to expand horizons, learn other subjects and increase your skills in areas such as writing and research. For me, it is enlightening to take subjects other than business, such as humanities and creative arts. I know that it is teaching me even more employability skills."

Think about your own education in the liberal arts. If you feel it could use strengthening, consider Booth UC.

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