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VIU student shares tips on what to do if you want to switch programs, or are simply struggling with one class
Employee Readiness and Development Program Launches
Canadore College's Centre for Career Development recently launched its mentorship program!
Top Tips From Students for Choosing a University
University students offer suggestions for finding the program that's right for you
Tyndale challenges and empowers students to thrive through an academic and community experience that feels like home.
International Education at Bow Valley College
Bow Valley College: Your Passport to International Success!
Your New Adventure!
How to make the most of the start of your university career
Upgrade Your Future at the Student Life Expo!
Explore all your options - You could WIN $2000!
Get the Most Out of Campus Life
You choose a campus for all that it has to offer. Now, get the most out of it: live there!
Become a Future Leader in Healthcare
A degree in Sociology, Biology, or Psychology will prepare you for a career in healthcare.
Turn Stress into Success with these Lifestyle Tips
Stress is only a 6-letter word. Learn how to conquer it!
5 Things Worth Thinking About When Choosing a College
While there aren’t any particular rules about how to select the right college or university, this list can definitely ease the process.
The Doors are Open, Come On In!
Make time to visit in person or attend events on campus!
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