Don't Transition To Post-Secondary In Isolation

By Canadore College Modified on August 25, 2017

Everything may feel new and unknown, but we're here to help.


No matter what brings you to Canadore College, chances are that something in your life is changing... maybe you've just graduated from high school, or you're seeking applied learning opportunities after university. You might even be deciding to change your career path after being in the workplace, or having to move to a different community.

Don't worry. Our team has your back.

Stress looks different for each person, but there are some common stressors. We can help you guard against them taking over your life and letting your grades suffer. Our experts have experience helping learners with everything from confidence-building to learning disabilities, mental health considerations to tutoring, and more.

Remember, don't feel like you have to act alone - Canadore College has an entire team dedicated to your success at each of our campuses. We're here to talk and help you navigate through change, no matter how big or small. And accessing our supports is completely confidential, so no one needs to know unless you choose to share with someone.

Besides our team, there is always so much going on. Get involved! Check out leadership and other fun opportunities with the Canadore Students' Council, recreation and wellness activities and a whole bunch of other stuff that's too long to list here. You'll be happy that you did!