Getting Involved On Campus

By Laurentian University/Université Laurentienne Modified on November 10, 2015

With a student population small enough to offer a tailored experience, but large enough to lose yourself within our community.


I’ll be the first to tell students that academics aren’t the only thing a university has to offer its students. Clearly, your studies are important and that’s your primary reason for pursuing university studies. That said, if you keep your nose deep in your books the entire time you’ll be missing out on some of the best times of your life. My first piece of advise to university-bound students is to get involved within their institution, whether it’s finding employment on campus, joining a club or playing intramural sports it’s imperative to get involved.

Aside from the 5 surrounding fresh water lakes, private beach, 50km of trails, and recreation centre, all found on campus, students at Laurentian can get engaged a number of other ways. One way I got involved while I was a student was with a job on campus. Laurentian’s employment centre hires more than 500 students throughout the year for on-campus employment. This is a great way to discover the inner working of the university, meet people behind the scenes and make some money in the process.

If you’d rather not work throughout your studies, Laurentian offers more than 50 clubs and associations that you can participate in. With a wide variety of clubs like Karate, LU PreMed, Dungeon and Dragons, LU Veg Heads, Saudi Arabia Club to name a few there is definitely something to meet your interests. Keep in mind that Laurentian is still a young institution, therefore if there’s a club you’d like to start you’re welcome to approach your student association for funding in order to start it.

Another great way to get involved with your university is with intramural sports. Intramural sports play a vital role in a university students’ social experience. It offers a great way to network yourself to other students within your program and others across campus. From intramural sports like bubble soccer to volley pong, Laurentian offers something to suit your interest!

With so much to offer, I’m sure that Laurentian University offers what you need in order to maximize your social experience throughout your university studies.

See you on campus!

Jason-Scott Benoit
Seconday School Liaison Coordinator
Laurentian University