Put the Power of AI to Work for You in Your Career Planning

By RBC Modified on February 09, 2021
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RBC Upskill, powered by FutureFit AI, helps you make smart decisions for your future.

RBC Upskill, powered by FutureFit AI, helps you make smart decisions for your future.

Despite what we see in media, artificial intelligence, or AI, isn't all rampaging robots and self-driving cars. AI is really about data, and lots of it — with sophisticated tools to help us make smarter and more informed decisions.

Inspired by the power of AI to help students like you navigate your future career path, RBC Future Launch partnered with FutureFit AI to create RBC Upskill, a free online platform for young Canadians looking to explore their career options, sharpen their skills, and prepare for the future of work.

RBC Upskill puts the power of AI in your hands

RBC Upskill starts with your work and volunteer experience, along with your interests, education, and skills, to provide personalized, future-ready career recommendations as well as a roadmap to secure your dream job.

RBC Upskill is for current students, new grads, and anyone who wants to build a better future for themselves.

Using one of the most comprehensive global data maps on careers and skills, RBC Upskill will deliver comprehensive recommendations for career growth and skill development. You'll receive the latest information on job openings, salary expectations, and even susceptibility to automation. Thanks to RBC Upskill, you'll get real-time results and coaching to help guide you in your next steps.

RBC Upskill also offers useful resources and tools to help you through every stage of your career exploration journey, including resumé and interview support, access to job listings, networking advice, and more. After all, once you have the pathway to your dream job, you have to go out and get it!

Go get your dream job

No matter where you are in your journey — from high school to post-grad — you can benefit from the career planning capabilities offered by RBC Upskill. Find meaningful work — and build the skills you need to get there. With a little help from RBC Upskill, your dream career awaits!

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