Boost Your Business Degree by Getting Involved at Goodman

Discover your many opportunities to get involved at the Goodman School of Business.

 Boost Your Business Degree by Getting Involved at Goodman

Your education is more than the facts and lessons you learn in the classroom. It’s also the soft skills you learn outside of the classroom. By getting involved on campus, you open yourself up to a whole new world of lessons that can benefit your education, career, and social experience. As a student at the Goodman School of Business, you have access to clubs and competitions that’ll line up with your personal and professional interests.

Now’s the time to take advantage of these opportunities available to you! Discover your opportunities to get involved at Goodman:

Why you should get involved:

You’ll often hear from schools, professors, and other students that getting involved while pursuing your degree is one thing you should make sure to do. But sometimes your schoolwork can seem time-consuming. So why should you add getting involved on campus to your list of priorities?

Here are the top four reasons why it’s a great idea to get involved:

  • Connect with your classmates
  • Create a strong network of professionals
  • Develop skills related to your studies
  • Enhance your resumé

Still not convinced? Hear from Daniela, a second-year MSc Management student, who got involved in clubs and case competitions, and how those experiences have made an impact on her:

Clubs and case competitions

Here are some of the opportunities for you to get involved on campus as a graduate student:

The Goodman Graduate Business Council

The Goodman Graduate Business Council (GBC) is the representative student council for both full-time and part-time graduate business studies students. GBC provides Goodman grad students with opportunities and events to gain hands-on experience and develop their skills through activities, like case competitions, networking events, and professional development training sessions.

Case competitions

Case competitions are a great way for you to utilize and practice your skill sets earned throughout your degree and take them beyond the classroom. You’ll gain real-world experience that will help you as you enter the workforce.

John Molson MBA International Case Competition

The John Molson MBA International Case Competition is for business schools world-wide! Students will compete in teams of four in this round-robin tournament consisting of seven business cases.

Competitors will get up to three hours to analyze and evaluate six unpublished business cases and then present their solutions and a detailed plan of action in a PowerPoint to a panel of judges. There is also one live case presented by a major company facing a real-life business challenge. Check out the previous winners!

MBA Games

The MBA Games is a national competition that challenges MBA students in academic, athletic, and spirit categories.

The academic category is a case competition where you’ll address real business problems actual companies are facing. The athletic category challenges your perseverance, teamwork, and adaptability through fun physical activities, like volleyball and futsol soccer. Finally, the spirit category, activities — like a team video and performance, social media challenge, and fundraising — encourage teams to actively participate and engage in the MBA Games while giving back to their communities.

Get ready, because after taking home first place in the 2023 competition, the Goodman School of Business will host the 2024 MBA Games!

These are only some of the opportunities for you to participate in, but hopefully this has inspired you to make the most of your degree and time on campus! If you’re looking for more ways to get involved, check out this full list of Goodman clubs and non-business clubs. So, get out there and get involved with the Goodman School of Business!

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