2023 Maclean's University Rankings: Engineering Programs

By Tess Campbell Modified on October 26, 2022
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Find out which schools made Maclean's list for the top 20 engineering programs in Canada for 2023!

 2023 Maclean's University Rankings: Engineering Programs

Technology is everywhere in today's world, and no matter if you're interested in aerospace, biology, chemistry, computers, electrical, or something else, engineering may be the program for you! A great way to start your program search is by checking out which programs are top ranked.

Maclean's has recently released their 2023 rankings for Canada's best engineering programs. These programs are ranked based on the school’s program reputation. For more information on how Maclean's determines their rankings, check out their Canada's best university programs 2023: methodology page. If you're looking for more recent rankings, check out the Maclean's University Rankings 2024: Engineering Programs.

School 2023 Overall Ranking Rank Last Year
University of British Columbia 1* 4
University of Toronto 1* 1
University of Waterloo 3 2
McGill University 4 3
University of Alberta 5 5
McMaster University 6 6
Queen's University 7 7
Université de Montréal 8 11*
Concordia University 9 14
Université Laval 10 9
University of Calgary 11 8
Dalhousie University 12 17*
University of Ottawa 13 11*
Carleton University 14* 16
Western University 14* 10
University of Guelph 16 20
Université de Sherbrooke 17* 15
University of Victoria 17* N/A
University of Manitoba 19 N/A
École de Technologie Supérieure 20 17*

An * indicates a tie.

There you have it — 2023's top 20 engineering programs in Canada! As you make your decision on where you'll study engineering, keep in mind that rankings don't always tell the whole story. You should choose which school is best for you, and that involves more than rankings. Don't forget to consider location, size of the school, campus culture, extracurriculars, and anything else that's important to you.

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