What Should You Do During March Break?

By Tess Campbell Modified on March 09, 2024
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Get the most out of your March break with these activities and suggestions!

 What Should You Do During March Break?

It’s one of the best times of the year! With the warmer weather arriving and the sun shining, March tends to be a fantastic month! You know what else happens in March? MARCH BREAK! You get a glorious week or two off school to do whatever you put your mind to.

The possibilities are endless! What will you do with your time off? If you need some help deciding what you should do with your free time, check out this list of ideas on how you could get the most out of your break:

1. Rest and relaxation

Let’s keep in mind that March break is called that for a reason! You’ve put in a lot of effort during school so far, and likely have finished applying to post-secondary schools, so now is a good time to fit some rest and relaxation into your schedule. Rest looks different for everyone, so this could mean catching up on tv shows you’ve missed, sleeping in, finally settling down with a good book, going on a walk to enjoy the sunshine, or just spending time with your friends. This time is whatever you want to make of it!

2. Check out activities in your local community

If you’re looking for things to do during your time off, check out what’s going on in your community! Many companies and stores will put on activities for students during this time, like cooking classes at grocery stores, interesting exhibits at museums and art galleries, fun escape room themes, and more.

Even if there aren’t any special events going on, you can use this time to try any activities you haven’t had the time for. Have you wanted to go to a new café? Go rock climbing? Find an arcade or indoor adventure centre? Whatever interests you, now’s the time to go for it!

3. University and college open houses

Whether you’ve already applied to post-secondary school or are still considering your options, visiting schools’ open houses during your March break is a great way to narrow your choices and get an idea of what it would be like to be a student. If they don’t have an open house going on, why not sign up for a tour instead? Either way, attending an open house or tour will help you feel much more confident making a decision, you’ll already know your way around campus a little bit, and you could even win prizes!

Many schools will offer some great prizes for students who make the effort to come out and visit. You could walk away with free swag like sweaters, or even be entered in a draw to win free tuition or a scholarship! Use your free time to set yourself up for your future! Check out our events page to find open houses and tours near you!

4. Volunteer or job hunt

March break is a great time to hammer out all those volunteer hours you may need to graduate. With so many children’s camps and activities going on during March break, there’s bound to be places that need volunteers! You may not even need to travel outside your house to volunteer since virtual volunteer positions exist! Plus, you can decide how much you want to volunteer during your break. Even if you choose to volunteer one day, it’s still something you can add to your resumé and scholarship applications!

Speaking of your resumé, this could be a great time to update your resumé and start applying to summer jobs! Many university and college students begin applying to jobs in March since their summers begin earlier than yours, which means they may fill many of the positions you might like by the time June comes around. Why not start early and get ahead of your classmates?

These are only a few suggestions for how you can spend your time during your March break. You can do anything you want during your time off! Get as creative as you like, or as much rest as you need, and enjoy your March break!

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