Studying a Dual Degree at IE University Can Supercharge Your Future

By IE University Modified on March 07, 2024
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Selecting a program can be the hardest step, so why not choose two? Dual degree programs offer you the opportunity to graduate with two bachelor’s degrees through just one additional year of study.

 Studying a Dual Degree at IE University Can Supercharge Your Future

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s imperative to equip yourself with the necessary skills and accolades to stand out from the competition. At IE University, we understand that selecting the right program is challenging — but we’ve made the decision a little bit easier by allowing you to choose two with our dual degree programs.

Each dual degree will take you on a transformational journey, preparing you to disrupt the market. Diving into a personalized program, you’ll follow a rigorous curriculum that combines two diverse areas of knowledge, allowing you to gain a multidisciplinary, dynamic profile.

A glimpse into our dual degrees

Building a degree that perfectly fits your personal and professional goals in two different areas provides a double boost for your future. Adding just one year to your four-year plan gives you an additional degree and an extra year to truly live out the IE Experience.

At IE University, we are known for our innovative and disruptive teaching methodologies. With our dual degrees, you’ll graduate with two bachelor’s degrees and the skills to step confidently into an ever-evolving world of work, ready to shape change in whatever industry you choose.

The business side of it all

A foundation in business is useful for any career. If you’re interested in underpinning your studies in a specific area with solid business skills, these dual degrees are an excellent option:

Diving into economics and the humanities

If economics, politics, and law are areas that interest you, these are some great options for building a combined expertise in multiple fields:

No matter which route you take, a dual degree from IE University will set you up for success. Studying a dual degree not only means earning two bachelor’s degrees — it also means an additional year to take advantage of our clubs and extracurriculars; the resources on offer from the IE Talent & Careers team; the networking opportunities available through the diverse IE Community; and the firsthand knowledge from your professors, who are leaders in their fields.

Take the leap and learn more about IE University. It might be the best decision you ever make.

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