Medical School Scholarships for Canadians at the International University of Health Sciences

Save big bucks when you go to IUHS in the Caribbean for medical school!

 Medical School Scholarships for Canadians at the International University of Health Sciences

Medical school across the world is known for being very expensive, and that can deter a lot of students who want to pursue a medical career. But what if the cost wasn’t as bad as you thought? The International University of Health Sciences (IUHS) doesn’t want a financial barrier to prevent the rise of the next generation of brilliant doctors. So, to help students, IUHS offers low tuition fees! The average tuition fee for four years at most medical schools is $240k, but IUHS’ tuition is 1/3 of the cost, averaging at $72k (including the fees for your 80 weeks of clinical rotations)!

But that’s not all! As a Canadian student, you’ll also have access to financial aid and scholarships. IUHS accepts student loans from Canadians, meaning you could use federal and/or provincial funding to help pay for your medical school costs. This comes from programs like the Ontario Student Assistance Program, StudentAid BC, and more.

Now let’s check out the scholarships that you could earn at IUHS:

Scholarships for Canadians

As a Canadian studying at IUHS, you could earn these scholarships:

The Dean’s Scholar Award

Award amount: $500 per block for the first year of MD studies

The Dean’s Scholar Award is offered to students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement during their undergraduate degree and will be entering their first semester at IUHS. To be eligible for this award, you’ll need a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale (roughly 85%), minimum pre-requisite GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and a minimum of 23 for the “old” MCAT score or a “new” MCAT score of 496.

If you meet these eligibility requirements, you’ll automatically be considered for this award.

Patricia Merry Memorial Scholarship

Award amount: A $1,500 a year reduction in fees so long as you continue to engage in cancer research

If you’re engaged in cancer research, then the Patricia Merry Memorial Scholarship is for you! You’ll need to provide proof of your research activity, and as long as you keep your grades up without missing any school, DXR cases, or deferring, failing, or repeating your exams, then you can apply for the award for the following year.

Erin & Dave Kelley Memorial Scholarship

Award amount: A $1,500 annual reduction to IUHS fees

The Erin & Dave Kelley Memorial Scholarship is meant for students who want to engage in genetic research or a career in Endocrinology. So, if you’re currently engaged in genetic disease research during your preclinical years or you’re applying to the US match in the field of Endocrinology in your clinical years, then you’re eligible for the award. You’ll need to show proof of research activity and can apply for the award each year.

The Nowakowski Memorial Scholarship

Award amount: A $1,500 annual reduction to IUHS tuition fees

The Nowakowski Memorial Scholarship is for you if you live in rural access locations in Canada and the US or remote areas around the world, and want to practice medicine in the remote area. When applying, you’ll need to submit a letter of explanation describing your need and future plans for your MD degree, as well as your commitment to practice in the area of need. When clinical rotations begin you’ll need to complete your rotations in the remote and rural communities to continue the scholarship.

Canada has many rural areas in need of doctors, so if you’re from and want to practice as a doctor in a rural area, then this award is for you! Make sure you apply!

The Steward / Skerritt Merit Scholarships

Award amount: Full or partial preclinical administrative fees and tuition

The Steward / Skerritt Merit Scholarships are based on your need. You must remain in good academic and financial standing for the scholarship period. If you keep up your grades, the scholarship can be renewed by the Academic Committee.

Don’t let the fear of medical school costs stop you from pursuing your dream! At IUHS, our goal is to help you graduate with little or no debt! Between our low tuition fees, flexible payment plans, and scholarships, your dream is a lot closer to becoming a reality!

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