Scholarships for Canadian Students in the UK at Birmingham's College of Arts and Law

By University of Birmingham Modified on January 11, 2024
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The University of Birmingham offers international students 10 awards per year in arts programs, and another 10 awards for law programs.

Scholarships for Canadian Students in at University of Birmingham

Studying abroad is a dream for many Canadians, and one of the most popular destinations for adventurous students is the United Kingdom. (Find a guide to studying in the UK here.)

The University of Birmingham is part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities — a sort of UK Ivy League. It's an attractive choice for Canadians: more than 250 Canadian students currently study at the university. You could become one of them!

In fact, the University of Birmingham offers a scholarship specifically for Canadian students, and they offer plenty of other scholarship opportunities too. Let's explore them!

College of Arts scholarships at the University of Birmingham

In an effort to make education more accessible to students of all backgrounds, the University of Birmingham has introduced 10 scholarships of £3,000 each for international students pursuing a program in the arts and humanities.

These awards are for first-year students in a program in one of the following schools. If you're looking for law school scholarships, scroll down to the next section!

Eligible schools for College of Arts scholarships

Together, these five schools are home to thousands of undergraduate students, pursuing dozens of program options, working to complete their degrees in just three years (unlike the four-year degrees common in Canada).

Your eligibility for a College of Arts scholarship at the University of Birmingham

To be eligible for a £3,000 scholarship in your first year at the University of Birmingham, you must be an international student entering a full-time undergraduate program in one of the five schools listed above. You'll need to show that you can cover the remainder of your tuition and travel costs after the scholarship.

You must also be ready to start on-campus in Birmingham, UK, for September, 2024. This means you need to apply to Birmingham itself before the deadline of January 31, 2024!

Once you've applied to the University of Birmingham, you'll need to fill out the scholarship application form before April 30, 2024.

Master-level scholarships in the College of Arts

If you're looking at a graduate-level program instead, you're in luck! International students are eligible for scholarships that reduce tuition fees substantially. You'll need to be admitted to a master's program in one of the following schools at Birmingham, and support your application with two reference letters. Be aware that the scholarship deadline for these awards is April 5, 2024.

To learn more about these master-level scholarships, check out the full page of details, or reach out to with your questions.

Law school scholarships for Canadian students

Want to study law, but you're worried about the cost? The University of Birmingham is helping to make earning your law degree more affordable by offering 10 renewable entrance scholarships for law students coming from overseas — including Canada!

The Birmingham Law School has a history going back 100 years. Whether you're interested in earning your undergraduate degree in law, or you've already got your undergrad and want a shorter program to earn your law degree, Birmingham has you covered.

Your eligibility for a scholarship to Birmingham Law School

You must be an international student, entering your first year of an undergraduate law program at Birmingham. These programs will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to practice law in the UK or Canada.

The following law programs qualify for the scholarship. If you already have a bachelor's degree, consider the LLB for Graduates, a two-year program that also qualifies for a scholarship.

Here's the full list of programs at Birmingham that are eligible for a £3,000 renewable law scholarship. (Remember that "renewable" scholarships provide funding every year, so long as you keep your grades up!)

You must be entering your first year of the program, and be able to cover the rest of your tuition fees after the scholarship, plus associated travel and visa costs.

Critically, you also have to start in September, 2024, at the Birmingham campus in the United Kingdom. For your best chance at acceptance, you should apply for a place in the program before January 31, 2024! (There's also a scholarship application deadline of April 30, 2024, once you've applied to the school.)

Check out this article on how studying law in the UK could save you thousands of dollars over the course of your studies, if you need more convincing on studying law abroad. There's also this piece on studying in the UK, including info on UCAS and application timelines.

You may also enjoy the story of Norlea, who earned her undergrad in Canada and received a law scholarship at Birmingham.

Best of luck in your adventure in the UK!

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