The Best AI Tools for Students

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Discover how you can use AI to enhance your learning experience.

 Best AI Tools for Students

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent in various industries, and education is no exception. With the rapid advancement of technology, thanks to companies like Open AI, AI tools have emerged as valuable resources for students seeking to enhance their learning experiences.

In this list of the top 10 AI powered education tools, we will explore some of the best available AI in education tools and the benefits they offer.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI powered writing assistant that helps students improve their writing skills. It can detect and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes in real time. This tool is especially useful for students when writing essays, term papers, and other academic assignments.

2. Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that allows students to organize and manage their tasks, notes, and projects. It combines the features of note-taking, task management, and project planning into a single platform.

Students can use Notion to:

  • Create to-do lists
  • Take class notes
  • Collaborate with classmates
  • Stay organized throughout their studies

3. Syntea

Syntea is a cutting-edge AI powered tool developed by IU International University of Applied Sciences, specifically for our students. It's available in English in all of our courses, and it's a groundbreaking development in online education.

With Syntea, the AI teaching assistant, students can optimize their studies, so they match their needs at any given time. As an IU student, you'll be able to leverage the benefits of state-of-the-art technological advancements before everyone else, so you’ll not only learn better but also be more prepared for working with AI tools in the future, in whatever career you choose.

Syntea currently offers two features to help you ace your studies, with more features coming soon. First, you can ask Syntea any question related to the course content, get an immediate answer, and be directed to the course book element where the answer was taken from, so you can have more context and further develop your understanding. Second, you can use the PreAssessment feature to assess your skills and knowledge before you start a course, to understand which units you should focus on, and set up the right study plan for your needs.

You can also use it to test your knowledge before you take the final exam, to understand what you need to improve and how you should optimize your exam preparation.

4. Gradescope

Gradescope is an AI powered grading tool that streamlines the grading process for students and instructors. It allows students to submit their assignments online and automatically grades multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and coding questions.

With Gradescope, students can receive instant feedback on their work and track their progress throughout the semester.


Chat-GPT needs no introduction (but we'll do it anyway). This game-changing web application is not only one of the best AI tools for students - it's one of the best AI tools for everyone. This AI powered chatbot was developed by Open AI. It can simulate human-like conversations and answer questions on a wide range of topics.

Students can use Chat-GPT to get instant answers to their queries, seek clarification on complex concepts, or have interactive study sessions with the chatbot. It's definitely a leader in terms of AI tools for students, helping them to enhance their learning experience and access information quickly.

6. is an AI based tutoring platform that connects students with qualified tutors. Through the platform, students can schedule virtual tutoring sessions, receive personalized assistance, and get help with difficult subjects or assignments. can provide valuable guidance and support to students, helping them improve their understanding of various topics.

7. Copyscape

Copyscape is an AI powered plagiarism detection tool that helps students ensure their work is original and properly sourced. It scans documents for duplicate content and provides a report showing any matches found on the web.

By using Copyscape, students can avoid unintentional plagiarism and maintain academic integrity in their writing.


This handy transcription tool converts spoken language into written text. It is particularly helpful for students who want to transcribe lectures, interviews, or class discussions.

With, students can easily review and search through recorded audio files, making it easier to study and reference important information.


This tool isn't meant for every student — though we certainly recommend it — but it is without a doubt one of the best AI tools for students of graphic design or the visual arts.

DALL-E is a version of the Open AI machine learning model, GPT (the same model Chat-GPT runs on). It's specifically designed to generate images from textual descriptions, meaning that if you provide it with a text prompt, it can create an image accordingly. For example, if you ask DALL-E to generate "an elephant riding a unicycle," it would use its trained AI capabilities to generate images that match your request as closely as possible.

DALL-E's impressive ability to create unique, creative images from text descriptions is a significant leap forward in the field of AI and machine learning algorithms, opening up fun possibilities for fields like art, design, and more.

10. Mendeley

Mendeley is a reference management tool that helps students organize and annotate their research papers and articles. It allows students to:

  • Easily import and organize references
  • Create citations and bibliographies
  • Collaborate with peers on research projects

Mendeley can save students valuable time in managing their research materials and ensure proper citation practices.

These are some of the best AI tools for students currently available, and they offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improving writing skills
  • Enhancing organization and productivity
  • Providing personalized tutoring and study recommendations
  • Detecting plagiarism
  • Converting speech to text
  • Optimizing study habits
  • Managing research papers effectively.

Incorporating these tools into your study routine can help you become more efficient, confident, and successful in your academic pursuits.

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