Why Choose Algonquin College?

By Algonquin College Modified on December 05, 2023
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From co-op placements to financial assistance, we’re laying it all out on the table.

 Why Choose Algonquin College?

Discover why you should choose Algonquin College for your post-secondary education. Between our student community, supporting departments, and options for gaining work experience, you’ll find everything you need at AC.

Student community and fun

Not to toot our own horn but, we’re a fun bunch! There are loads of opportunities to make friends and become a part of the community at Algonquin College. You name it, we have it; we’re proud to provide free yoga, flashy concerts, Dirty Bingo, cute animals, movie nights, and rock climbing, but that’s barely even scratching the surface! From the dozens of student-run clubs, countless campus events, and fancy amenities, there’s no shortage of things to do.

Work experience

Even more important than culture is work experience! That’s why we offer an extensive list of co-op programs to choose from. Co-op is an opportunity for students to learn on the job full-time for a semester in between classes. Basically, employers hire our talented students to fulfill short-term employment needs while students are completing their programs.

Co-op opportunities are a great way to build a strong network, learn from real industry professionals, get some hands-on experience, and maybe land a permanent position after graduation.

Employers value the combination of theory and practical experience which is why AC has over 60 co-op programs to choose from. Ranging from Cyber Security Analysis to Powerline Technician, we’ve got it all!

Paid work opportunities

Co-op jobs at Algonquin College are always paid. Though pay rates depend on the employer, your program of study, and market conditions, employers are required to pay the provincial hourly minimum wage; however, many employers choose to pay the market rate for their respective co-op positions so you could get paid just like any other employee on the team!

Financial support

Speaking of money, if that’s what’s holding you back, AC has tons of financial aid options to help you out.

Financial Aid Officers

If you’re applying for financial assistance, your case will be assigned to one of our Financial Aid Officers. They’ll set up a meeting with you where you’ll be able to talk to a real person about your concerns and they’ll lay out all your options. We’re always here to help you out!

Also, have you heard about our Tuition Contest?

Work Study program

AC is also home to the College Student Employment Program (CESP)! This program allows students to study and work part-time through on-campus opportunities. Because financial needs and employment go together, Algonquin College disburses a portion of its TFSA (Tuition Fee Set Aside) funds under the CSEP and our departments have an opportunity to request funding for employment opportunities.

Pick me, choose me…

We could go on and on about why we’re one of the best choices, but we’ll leave that for you to decide. Keep researching and know that no matter where you end up, you’re going to do great things!

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