2024 Maclean's University Rankings: Computer Science Programs

By Tess Campbell Modified on October 18, 2023
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Discover which schools made Maclean's list for the best computer science programs.

 2024 Maclean's University Rankings: Computer Science Programs

There are many careers in the tech field that will need more bodies soon, like data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI specialists, web developers, and more. If you want to code your way into any one of these careers, you’ll need a degree in computer science.

Which schools should you consider for your computer science degree? Maclean’s has recently released their rankings for Canada’s best computer science programs for 2024. These programs are ranked based on the school’s program and research reputation. Learn more about Maclean’s rankings on their Canada’s best university programs 2024: methodology page.

School 2024 Overall Ranking Rank Last Year
University of British Columbia 1* 1*
University of Toronto 1* 1*
University of Waterloo 1* 1*
McGill University 4 4
University of Alberta 5 5
Simon Fraser University 6 7
Université de Montréal 7 6
University of Calgary 8 10
Western University 9 12
Queen's University 10 8*
University of Ottawa 11 8*
Carleton University 12 14
Concordia University 13 13
McMaster University 14 11
Dalhousie University 15 17
University of Guelph 16* 18
University of Victoria 16* 15
York University 18 19*
Université Laval 19 N/A
University of Manitoba 20 16

An * indicates a tie.

This year, Université Laval scraped into the top 20 and ranked number 19! Don’t worry if you don’t see the school you’re interested in on this list! Rankings aren’t everything. You should choose the right school for you based on what’s important to you. That could be the school’s location, size, extracurriculars, and more.

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