Earn Your Bachelor of Digital Agriculture at Olds College

By Olds College of Agriculture & Technology Modified on October 21, 2023
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Combine ancient farming knowledge with modern technology and techniques to get your career growing.

Earn Your Bachelor of Digital Agriculture at Olds College

Olds College is at the forefront of new agricultural technologies, and you could put this expertise to work for you with the new bachelor of Digital Agriculture degree!

What can you expect from the bachelor of Digital Agriculture program?

With a focus on leadership and management, this four-year program explores solutions to real-world problems using digital agriculture technologies and practices that are centered on sustainability, including social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Through a combination of classroom, project-based and work-integrated learning, you will gain foundational knowledge and understanding of dynamic leadership, problem-solving, entrepreneurial thinking, agriculture technologies management, agronomy, and data sciences.

During your degree, you'll take courses in math, data analysis, engineering, animal and plant agriculture, and much more. The program is available in-person only, and can't be taken online.

Tapping into the Smart Farm at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology, you will receive instruction from world-class leaders in agriculture, automation, and artificial intelligence within the agri-food industry.

From making ethical recommendations for crop management, animal production, soil management, pest management, and environmental stewardship, to installing, calibrating, troubleshooting and repairing precision agriculture hardware and equipment — the new Digital Agriculture program will prepare you to lead the way in the agri-food industry upon graduation.

Real experience, in the field (literally)

Between your third and fourth year, you will be required to complete a four-month (400 hour) industry internship where you will gain practical experience, while developing your skills in leadership, project management, and data-informed decision making. Olds College will help you find a placement for your internship.

How to apply for the Digital Agriculture program

Students are enrolled on a "first qualified, first admitted" admission process, meaning if you're interested in a seat in this program, you'll need to act fast! Applications open mid-October, so now's the time.

Here are the basic requirements to qualify for admission:

  • 65% overall average
  • 60% or better in English and Math at the grade 12 level
  • 60% or better in at least one of the following:
    • grade 12 biology
    • grade 12 chemistry
    • grade 12 physics
    • grade 12 science
  • 60% or better in one of the following:
    • an additional grade 12 science or humanities course
    • 60% or better in an additional grade 12 course in any subject

Students who are already enrolled in an agriculture management or land and water resources program may get credit for up to four courses. Precision agriculture students are eligible to start in the second year of the degree program!

What's the cost of the digital agriculture program?

Domestic students — that is, Canadian citizens and permanent residents — can expect to pay roughly $6,100 per year in tuition, with another $1,650 in fees and supplies, for a total of about $7,750 per year.

International students pay more in tuition: expect approximately $21,350 per year for the program, as well as another $1,650 for fees and supplies.

Olds College also over 450 awards, valued at $660,000+ in scholarships, bursaries, and prizes, thanks to generous industry partners, alumni, and friends.

Plus, entrance awards range from $250 - $1,500 for students applying for the upcoming academic year who have paid the tuition deposit by the deadline. (Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will receive an entrance award.)

You can explore more student funding at Olds College here.

On graduation, you could find yourself in a leadership role within the agriculture and related industries, including:

  • agriculture technology
  • production agriculture
  • agricultural machinery
  • self-employment
  • sales and service
  • government
  • information processing
  • environmental management
  • risk management

Get creative! You never know where your career might take you.

If you want to get your career growing, check out Olds College's bachelor of Digital Agriculture program.

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