5 Ways to Use AI for Learning and Education

By Talent Egg Modified on August 18, 2023
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Discover how you can use AI to help your learning experience.

 5 Ways to Use AI for Learning and Education

Recently, software and tools integrating artificial intelligence (AI) have faced criticism for impacting education’s quality (and integrity). However, on the other hand, many public members argue that AI in the classroom is inevitable. In fact, some educators (and students) have already started to embrace it!

The good news is that AI doesn’t have to be only used for finding homework solutions or plagiarizing papers. What if we told you that tools and software incorporating AI could be used in 5 (of many) different ways to enhance learning and education?

1. Accessible learning

AI software and tools can significantly improve inclusion in the classroom and on learning platforms for students facing challenges. For instance, those with visual/hearing impairments, physical disabilities, or language barriers can benefit from features like audio transcribing, recording, and speech-to-text technology. Moreover, these functionalities prove indispensable for students unable to attend class or lessons due to illnesses.

2. Grading assessments

Undoubtedly, grading students’ papers and tests is a time-consuming daily task for educators. However, the good news is that specific AI tools and software can significantly alleviate this burden! For instance, educators can use tools to grade abstract assignments like essays, streamlining the process. Furthermore, other software facilitates assessing student assignments for plagiarism, which is particularly useful in college or university settings.

3. Automating administrative tasks

Colleges and universities face the daily challenge of managing hundreds of forms from their massive student body. These documents include scholarship applications, enrollment information, and payment invoices. The good news is that institutions can seamlessly integrate specific AI tools to automate the organization and processing of these forms. Furthermore, AI-powered tools also exist to identify qualified candidates for particular scholarships or financial aid programs, streamlining the selection process.

4. Manage and organize schedules

The day in the life of an educator is a busy one. Many educators are dealing with scheduling courses and lesson plans while organizing other items in their weekly schedule! Thankfully, educators can take advantage of AI tools that streamline the process of scheduling courses and managing schedules.

5. Research assistance for students

Aside from educators and administrative staff in an institution, AI is well-known among the student body. In a survey of over 1,000 students, 89% claimed they had used ChatGPT — for their homework assignments. Though the tool (and other AI-related applications) have gotten a less-than-positive reputation in classrooms, students can still use them productively and honestly.

Specific AI tools and software empower students to find quality references for their research when writing an essay or a technical report. Students can incorporate these tools into their repertoire of essay/assignment research.

For primary research purposes, students can utilize these tools to look up simple facts or concepts, enhancing their general understanding. These tools direct students in the right direction to delve deeper into specific topics.

However, students are encouraged to NOT rely on these tools entirely for their assignments and research — instead, they should be encouraged to double-check the integrity of the suggested references.

Integrating AI into learning and education propels us into a new era of innovative possibilities, transforming traditional teaching methods and empowering educators and learners. We can create a more inclusive, efficient, and effective educational landscape by harnessing AI’s capabilities responsibly. Equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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