ChatGPT Creator Sam Altman Visits IE University; How One University Embraces the Latest Technological Revolution

By IE University Modified on June 15, 2023
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Discover how artificial intelligence is playing a role at IE University.

 ChatGPT Creator Sam Altman Visits IE University; How One University Embraces the Latest Technological Revolution

AI has taken the world by storm in the past few months, as projects such as ChatGPT have opened the doors for how we generate and interact with information. With a simple prompt, ChatGPT sifts through the internet for sources to reference as it responds to your prompt in a human-like manner. Students are learning how to use AI tools, like ChatGPT, ethically with their studies, finding valuable research sources, generating test practice questions, and exploring new ideas.

With artificial intelligence rapidly evolving and gaining a foothold in educational institutions, it’s up to schools to provide students with the tools to develop critical thinking so that AI will be a supplemental part of a student’s education. Chat GPT’s creator, Sam Altman, met with IE University students to discuss the challenges and opportunities of AI.

ChatGPT creator discusses future of AI with IE University students

Students at IE University had the opportunity to participate in a panel with Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and creator of ChatGPT, and discuss technology’s role in driving humanity forward. The event was part of The Next 50, an initiative at IE University to envision what society will face in the next few decades and prepare for the potential challenges that we’ll experience.

Altman says, “if we develop better tools, we will build a better future.” However, he also insisted on the need to regulate AI to reduce risks — which is exactly what we’re doing at IE University.

Incorporating AI into your education

At IE University, we work to anticipate the environment our graduates will live in, which means working with new innovation, such as artificial intelligence.

So, what exactly does this look like for students?

IE University has been recognized among the most innovative universities in the world for our drive to incorporate technology in our institute. Before the surge of interest in AI these past few months, we had already integrated AI into our education. We’ve launched programs beginning in 2020 specializing in AI and added content to pre-existing degrees. Students who have a keen interest in studying artificial intelligence can explore a range of related programs, such as:

Consider exploring additional courses within your program that cover subjects such as:

  • Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning in Business
  • Regulation and Governance of AI
  • Ethics of Emerging Technologies

IE University’s artificial intelligence manifesto

On top of offering pivotal programs and courses for our students, IE University has developed numerous initiatives to help our students through this process of immense change. Check out our initiatives in our artificial intelligence manifesto (PDF).

Artificial intelligence has been making its way into all aspects of our lives, whether we realize it or not. So, with technology innovation on the rise, why not incorporate it into your studies at an institution with an innovative vision and entrepreneurial spirit? Discover your potential and passion at IE University.

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