Francesca's Balancing Act: Navigating a Career Change

By AC Online Modified on January 09, 2023
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AC Online helped Francesca branch out and enter the field of computer programming.

Francesca's Balancing Act: Navigating a Career Change

Think you can juggle having two kids, working a full-time job, and changing careers all at once? Algonquin College student Francesca Cuconato sure can! She accomplished all this and more. This is her story.

Francesca explains that, though she's as busy as they come, it was time to switch things up, "I'm a mom of two and a kindergarten educator. Though I'm passionate about my job, I felt like I needed a change. I decided to change career paths completely and enrolled in Computer Programming with AC Online."

Computer programming courses with AC Online

The two-year program prepares students for a career in software development. The program specializes in program development strategies, database design, and database administration. Students use the leading industry software products such as Oracle and CASE tools and learn about programming languages such as Java, COBOL, SQL, and PHP.

Choosing this program was the easy part, as Francesca has always had an interest in technology. "I had a passion for computers early on, but unfortunately, I shrugged it off and headed straight to the next career path. Now, I'm finally taking the opportunity to revisit it. I also have a lot of family in the computer programming industry and the fact that this skillset is [in demand], has plenty of career opportunities, and offers tons of flexibility is a huge plus as well."

Study on your schedule

Flexibility was a deciding factor for Francesca when it came to studying online, "I chose AC Online because I decided to switch careers during a global pandemic, but I wasn't prepared to quit my job to go back to school. My online experience has been super flexible and I love that it's built around my availability."

Online learning empowers busy people like Francesca to create learning paths that are tailored to their schedules. "I created my own course load and even dropped a class when things got a little overwhelming. Studying online has been great because it's allowed me to continue my education while raising a family and going to work."

While the program has a scary name, Francesca proves that success with AC Online takes some discipline and organization, and a willingness to work hard. "I enjoy a challenge. I work after hours, so after my shift is done and my family is settled for the night, I can quietly sit at the computer and work away. What's great is that, if I don't understand something right away, I can carry on the next day. It's also very hands-on, but you can work at your own pace."

Supporting your success at every step

Though the program can be challenging, Francesca states that her program facilitators have always been supportive. "Connecting with facilitators and students can be tricky in-person, but it's so much easier online. Virtually, there are tons of ways to reach out to people. I'm always sending emails to touch base and attending virtual meetings. Even though it's fully online, you still get that human connection — it just looks a little bit different."

Considering enrolling online? This mother of two thinks you should go for it! "Studying online is a huge flexibility option for you if you're not willing or able to quit your current lifestyle. I'd recommend seeing where it takes you because you could love it. Either way, it'll take you somewhere new. It might seem hard, especially at first, but I've learned that if you push yourself enough, you can achieve amazing things. Big time."

Are you ready to change your life the same way Francesca did? Take your first step with AC Online.

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