Explore Undergraduate Research at Huron

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Pursuing research in your undergrad is one of the best ways to learn. Plus, Huron offers $1,500 research fellowships to some undergrad researchers!

Explore Undergraduate Research at Huron

If you're a serious student, pursuing undergraduate research might be one of the best moves you can make. You'll put your skills to the test, and engage with instructors and faculty in ways that regular undergrad courses just can't replicate. You'll certainly gain new, valuable experiences, and in some cases, you'll even get paid.

Huron recognizes the importance of undergrad research. That's why Huron established the Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning, or CURL — to help encourage undergrads to pursue research projects, through academic and financial supports.

CURL aims to transform undergraduate learning through experiential learning opportunities that support students in research, academia, and their future careers.

Four pillars of undergrad research at Huron

CURL focuses on four fundamental strategic aims:

1. Enhancing student learning

Huron offers engaging, immersive research experiences, designed to support and elevate student learning, first and foremost.

2. Enhancing faculty research

By collaborating with engaged students, we can improve existing faculty research strengths, bringing more resources to ongoing projects.

3. Fostering mentorship

Teaching practices are improved with stronger communication between students and instructors. Building mentorships helps students succeed.

4. Building research partnerships

Partners outside the Huron community build relationships with students and faculty, improving connections and allowing for new and varied research, responsive to industry and community needs.

$1,500 Student Research Fellowships

Huron works hard to support students conducting undergraduate research. Each year, CURL offers eight Student Research Fellowships.

CURL's Student Research Fellowships support students' research learning endeavours by providing $1,500 and 1-on-1 mentorship with a faculty member at Huron. The funding may be used for project resources or to reduce the need for a part-time job while students complete this important work. CURL celebrates all types of researchers and values research that is widely accessible. Your Fellowship could culminate in a research paper, a documentary, a website, a local event, or even a comic book!

All students currently enrolled in a Major or Minor program at Huron University College are eligible. There are no grade or course load requirements. Dual degree students studying at both Huron and Western are also welcome to apply.

Research projects from all disciplines will be considered, but priority will be given to interdisciplinary projects and/or projects that describe innovative methodology or learning outcomes. Necessary coursework is not eligible for this award, but substantial extension and mobilization of past coursework is.

CURL typically awards eight Fellowships per calendar year; however, thanks to a generous donation from CURL Fellow and Huron alumnus Taylor Boyd, one extra Fellowship may be awarded yearly in support of a project in the fields of Psychology and/or Education.

Curious to learn more about undergraduate research at Huron? Reach out to curl@uwo.ca to ask any questions you might have, or visit the CURL website!

Learn about undergrad research at Huron

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