Adulting 101

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Discover how to succeed at the University of Lethbridge as you enter a new phase in your life.

 Adulting 101

Moving away from your family home for the first time can be a daunting part of life but also an exciting one. It’s a chance to set new boundaries for yourself, build on your study habits, and take steps towards becoming the person you’ll be after your degree. Even if you grew up in Lethbridge and are staying with family, university will still constitute a significant life change, with new responsibilities and expectations.

The University of Lethbridge offers advice on how you can tackle new aspects of your life.

New boundaries

If you choose to live at home while in university, you may have to establish some new boundaries with your family. While babysitting your younger sister every day after school might have worked in the past, you may need to have conversations with your family about new expectations if you have evening classes!

Around midterm time, maybe the house needs to be quieter, or else you’ll be spending a lot less time with family and more in the library. Perhaps you could ask for a break from helping during exam time, with the understanding you’ll pick up the slack next week. Maybe that vacation they’re planning over reading week might not work for you this year! Remember, parents and roommates are also adapting to these new changes and challenges, and kindness is always the best policy.

New roommates

It’s important to set the tone early on when living with new roommates — going over who does chores and when, at the beginning of the year, is a great way to avoid arguments later down the road. Establish new routines that don’t conflict with your study schedule but still allow you to pull your weight in the living space.

New responsibilities

You are now responsible for creating your schedule and keeping on top of what can feel like a million dates and deadlines. Perhaps, use a calendar and set reminders so that you never miss a thing. Consider taking a break from studying by choosing a weekday for laundry and groceries. Different habits work for different folks. What’s important is finding what works for you and sticking to it.

Meal plan

For students staying in first-year residence, dining plans are mandatory. However, the Residence Dining Plan is still an option for students staying in mature student residences or off-campus.

The Residence Dining Plan is split into Base Dollars and Flex Dollars. You can spend Base Dollars at Urban Market, Booster Juice, Carvery & Bakery (in the Science Commons), Subway, Starbucks, and Tim Hortons. Flex dollars can be spent anywhere else, including vending machines and laundry machines in residence, except for kiosks in the Students’ Union Food Court on the second level of the Students’ Union building. Flex dollars don’t expire at the end of the year.

Health and dental

Knowing where to go if you feel unwell or need a checkup is essential. ULethbridge’s Health Centre, located in SU020, is down two flights of stairs in the SU. They offer non-emergency medical care such as mental health management and treatment, referral to appropriate specialists, skin conditions, colds/flu/sore throats, and acute and chronic health conditions. They also offer preventative care such as STI screening and testing, contraceptive counselling, and pap tests, as well as medical procedures such as wart treatments.

ULethbridge’s health and dental plan is included in your student fees. If you already have insurance under your parents or your work, you may opt-out of the health and dental plan to save this portion of your expenses.

Sports and recreation

Inside the First-Choice Savings Centre is the Fitness Centre, Max Bell Regional Aquatic Centre, and Ascent Climbing Centre, among other spaces. All of this is available and covered in your student fees! In my first year at ULethbridge, I went to the climbing centre and had fun on the wall using an automatic belay system (where you don’t need a partner to work with). Learn more about drop-in schedules and the group programs included in your fees. The people at the front desk will be happy to assist you in touring the gym, renting basketballs or other equipment, and explaining what is included in your student fees. Be sure to get your money’s worth!

So while it can be intimidating having to step up and take on all these new challenges in your life, you’ve got all the support you need to succeed at the University of Lethbridge. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro at taking care of yourself and managing your time!

Start adulting at the University of Lethbridge

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