Test Your Knowledge about Careers in Canada with the 2022 Openings and Earnings Quiz!

By Logan Bright Modified on February 01, 2022
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Think you know which fields are on the upswing, and which careers make the most money? Try your luck on this 10 question quiz.

Test Your Knowledge about Canadian Careers with the 2022 Openings and Earnings Quiz!

Think you know which career fields earn the most money, or which jobs will be desperate for applicants over the next five years?

Career section updates

We've made some big changes to the Careers section, and to celebrate, we've built a quick quiz about Canadian careers.

Take the quiz and sharpen your knowledge about salaries and opportunities in dozens of careers across Canada. Try your best to get 100% correct!

(Need a hint? The Careers section has profiles for hundreds of Canadian careers, so check them out for help on the quiz.)

Take the quiz on Canadian careers

The quiz is embedded in the page below. If you're having trouble with it, try this direct link to the SurveyMonkey quiz.

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Thanks for taking the quiz! How'd you do? Check out the Careers section to learn more about careers in Canada.

Still wondering what you should study, and what career path you might want to follow? Take the 60 question Career Quiz — dig into your personality to find the career of your dreams. Check it out via the button below!

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