How to Find and Research Graduate Schools

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Post-graduate studies will increase your earnings over your career, but finding the right school and program can be tough.

How to Find and Research Graduate Schools

There is incredible value in a graduate degree, especially in the current climate.

Graduate students possess an intellectual curiosity that drives their academic explorations. They develop original approaches, ask new questions, and advance and enrich the conversations surrounding some of the most important challenges in today's world.

Graduate degrees are often the key to an accelerated pathway within a career and, sometimes, the start of a new professional direction. Employers value advanced problem solving, critical thinking, and technical skills, all of which are developed in our graduate programs.

Grad studies at the University of Waterloo

It's important to find the right graduate program: one that aligns with your academic interests, educational background, and ideal career path. We have over 180 graduate programs at the University of Waterloo, each with a unique offering.

Finding the right grad program for you

This video will help you to understand the different types of graduate programs and support you in your research and selection of a graduate program.

University of Waterloo: designed to be different

We have a global reputation for academic excellence and award-winning faculty members, research chairs, and industry partners. We are leaders in experiential learning and entrepreneurship. We offer relevant and innovative graduate programs across disciplines. We support the actualization of ideas and the ownership of intellectual property.

Waterloo has built an entrepreneurial ecosystem that propels students to transform and disrupt the status quo. We offer our graduate students opportunities to engage in experiential learning and connect with industry to support them in inquiry and impact-driven research. We have a wide range of professional and online programs that, alongside our research programs, support our students in the creation of personal, economic, and societal value.

Our graduate students are shaping nutrition policy, building tools for clean energy storage, and using climate change risk to reimagine investment policy and practice. They are engaging in world-changing, perspective-altering, life-improving research.

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