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By Tess Campbell Modified on June 30, 2021
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Experience the process of investigating crime scenes with Trent University's Forensic Science program.


Are you interested in shows like CSI and Criminal Minds? At Trent University you can step into the investigative role and explore mock crimes scenes as part of your program!

Shift from classroom to experiential learning

You can’t have more of a hands-on education than what this program at Trent University offers. Studying Forensic Science has become more than theoretical PowerPoints. Now, you are fully immersed in your education, which in this case, means wearing large white hazmat suits and collecting evidence from bloody walls, beer bottles, and weapons. When you’re planning on going into a job that involves collecting DNA and other evidence from a messy crime scene, you will need your education to be more experiential rather than sitting in a classroom.

What to expect when studying Forensic Science

For the past decade, Trent University has been using an old, eerie farmhouse to stage different crime scenes, but now, Forensic Science has become such a popular program that this small house cannot support all of Trent’s students. A new, state-of-the-art forensics crime scene facility is being built where it combines classroom learning with mock crime scenes for students to explore. Students will walk through the steps of processing murder, assault, break and enter, suicide, and other types of crime scenes in this building. There is nothing that is forgotten in this mock crime scene learning. You’ll suit up in your protective gear, mark off evidence with the yellow police tape, and begin identifying and processing evidence.

Take a virtual tour of the new facility!

Explore the benefits of the new forensics crime scene facility

A major factor in Forensic Science careers is that every crime scene will be unique, and you must be prepared for that. The benefits of this crime scene house are incredible for Forensic Science students’ education. In this building, students can investigate different environments such as the indoors, outdoors, and vehicles. This high level of detail allows students to be better prepared to collect evidence from dust, dirt, and other elements. These students walk through a variety of crime scenes, create their hypotheses of what happened, and then work to prove those hypotheses by processing the evidence. This type of learning helps prepare a student for potentially gruesome crime scenes both academically and emotionally. With the help of the crime scene house, students can understand the science behind the situations they are faced with, and emotionally detach from the images.

Want to learn more about how you can investigate these mock crime scenes at Trent University? Check out their Forensic Science program!

Study Forensic Science at Trent University!

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